On the eve of the New Year holidays, the question arises of how to congratulate relatives and friends. Holiday New Year is associated with magic, romance and fulfilling the most cherished desires. Therefore it is quite logical to think about gift wrapping. From the presentation of New Year’s gifts depends on the feeling of the holiday. ArtsyCraftsyDad offers 12 of the simplest packages for Christmas gifts. The most remarkable thing is that to create an original package does not require large financial investments.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №1

Any box, book, etc. can be decorated with a snowflake . To do this, the gift is wrapped in paper, tied with string or tape, and a snowflake is glued on top. On the Internet, you can find many beautiful design ideas for cutting a paper snowflake.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №2

The simplest brown packaging kraft paper will play in a new and modern way, if you decorate it with stars. The color of stars is desirable to choose a New Year’s – burgundy, blue, green. Incredibly impressive look black stars in combination with a simple twine.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №3

On black wrapping paper with a white marker you can write wishes and draw lovely patterns. It’s very simple and pretty. It should be noted that black color this year is in a trend and with its help create the most fashionable New Year’s designs.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №4

A simple, cheap and yet chic way to decorate New Year’s gifts is to use old knitted things. Knitted tapes, pouches, buboes are especially relevant in winter.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №5

With New Year’s holidays associated images of Christmas trees, Christmas toys, Santa Claus, deer. If the usual kraft paper is glued to such an image, then the gift immediately acquires a solemn appearance.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №6

Original applications of feathers. If the usual paper feathers decorate with gold, then they immediately get a festive look.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №7

Gold is always appropriate in a solemn atmosphere. Any package, decorated with golden stickers, drawings and ribbons will get a festive look.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №8

Even simple geographical lines, drawn on plain paper with a handle with silver paste, will give the gift an unusual appearance.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №9

Simple and concise decoration of the package with the help of neon ribbons – what could be more elegant? If such a package is supplemented with a small label with New Year wishes, it will be registered.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №10

The cheapest and perfect cool way to decorate the packaging for New Year’s gifts, is to add a conventional button, preferably a little more.

Packing for New Year’s gifts №11

Also, you can build a bow from papers for muffins and cake cup cakes.

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