In the winter, parents are not so easy to lure the street. Not only is the temperature below zero not available for long walks, so also the child has to put on a hundred clothes. However, if the baby has a comfortable overall and a warm hat, then the walk will be fun for him, and Mom and Dad.

e offer you unusual ideas of snowy winter , which will make the trip an unforgettable adventure and will help to look at the most common things on the other hand, not only to children, but also to their parents.
1. Volcano from the snow. Secure the neck from the plastic bottle inside the snowdrift. Fill in baking soda and drip a few drops of food coloring or paint. And then pour vinegar on the sly and observe the eruption of the volcano.

2. Art object from snowballs. Prepare the material and create. Bring your very creative ideas to life. It does not have to be a snowman. Try to make, for example, a slingshot of snowballs or the hero of your favorite cartoon. For greater similarity, you can take paints and a brush from the house and paint the sculpture.
3. The Ice Age. Take figurines of dinosaurs or artificial flowers, water and molds. Place the material in the molds and fill with water. Put it in the freezer for the night – and then the ice fossils are ready! You can take them for a walk. Scatter on the playground and arrange a game in the archaeologist.
4. Precious stones. You will need paint, glitter and a little imagination. In the children’s pail, pour water and let the baby make his own gem. Let it freeze and carefully take it out of the bucket. It’s a pity that such treasures are short-lived.
5. Snow Lantern. Do you remember the winter fun of the Moomin trolls? Build a turret from snowballs, and inside put a candle – a magic lantern from a famous fairy tale is ready!

6. Figures on the trees. If the snow is well sculpted, then with its help you can create funny little animals that lurk on tree trunks. Let the child make several figures, and you will have to find and find out the inhabitants of the winter forest. And on the trees you can create different funny faces – smiling, gloomy or angry. Play the game “Guess emotion”.
7. Does the child not want to leave the walk? Grab some snow and put the houses in the basin. Molds, scapula and other attributes will help to take the baby until the snow melts.

8. Drawing with snow. And even snow can be painted almost everywhere: on trees, fences and even on the wall of the house.
9. Traces of mysterious animals. From cardboard or plasticine, make paws of various animals, and then “resemble” them in the snow. You can play a tracker: figure out what strange animals were walking in a snowy meadow and tracing their path.
10. Snowy labyrinth. Here you only need your feet! Walk along the snow, making paths, and then invite the child to pass a mysterious maze.
11. Prepare food for birds. Take the form in the form of a ringlet, pour a little bird’s food, rowan and millet there and put it freezed. Going out for a walk, hang a bird ring on the nearest tree and watch the guests.
12. You can decorate bushes and trees near the entrance. To do this, you can make multi-colored flags from a paper, cut openwork snowflakes, hang a rain or tinsel on the branches.
13. We inflate soap bubbles. Carry out a jar with soapy solution for a strong frost and blow out a bubble. Immediately at different points of the surface appear small crystals, which quickly expand and finally merge.

14. Snowfall is an excellent occasion for viewing snowflakes under a magnifying glass. Beautiful patterns can be seen if a snowflake is placed on a dark background, for example, on a mitten or a jacket.


15. Young culinary people will like to bake snow cakes and cakes. They can be made using molds and decorate with natural material: rowan berries, twigs and spruce needles.
16. On a car covered with snow, you can draw funny faces. Just like in the cartoon “Cars”.
17. Snowy spirits. We make funny ghosts out of the snow and make holes in the eyes. There you can insert small candles, and then the spirits will mystically shine.
18. Ice garland. In the ice molds, freeze water, add a few drops of paint and sparkles. Do not forget to stick a stick into each cell in order to get a hole, into which then you will insert a string. Such a garland you can decorate a tree or a window sill. You can also make lanterns from ice, decorating them with natural material and putting a candle inside.

19. The solar circle. Place the glass inside the pelvis and fill with water. You can add paints. When the circle freezes, take it out into the yard and hang it on the nearest tree. The sun’s rays will be beautifully reflected in the icy ringlet.

20. Snow Olympics. Draw a target, prepare snowballs and compete in dexterity and accuracy. The sweetest prize is the most athletic.

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