25 tricks for needlewomen: To work brought even more joy, masters of their craft are constantly inventing different ways to help simplify and accelerate workflow.

We have compiled 25 ideas and advice from Russian and foreign artists from various fields of art and crafts.
We hope that you will make for a lot of interesting discoveries and will be able to apply the tips into practice!

1. Make a mark on the finger of a marker to keep track of the distance between stitches.


2. “Tandem” pencil will draw a pattern at once with an allowance.


3. Make the white backing for natural stone, to emphasize its color.


4. Silicone seals for pedicure easily adapt to the storage spools.


5. Organizer-curtain with pockets perfect for storing a variety of fabric scraps. They can be sorted by color, and always see through the clear plastic, where that is.


6. W akruglit edge scissors felt that when embroidery threads are not clung

the corners.


7. If your product proves to be patterns, and you need to transfer them to the pattern. On the sketch along the lines of the pattern make the holes with a needle, attach a sketch based on the through hole Draw marker contours.


8. Use masking tape to secure the thread or yarn – so you can easily remove and reposition the work piece and then sew it to the product.


9. Masking tape – an indispensable tool in the painting of small objects.


10. P rimenyaet double sided tape to secure small parts until they are dry.


11. Do pegs and a piece of foam convenient “brush” to paint objects.


12. Plastic bottle and can turn into a container for ink, and a handy brush holder at the same time.


13. Here is a simple tool helps to quickly and easily prepare oblique.  made it from plain paper.


14. Collect spilled glitter or thread trimming will help the adhesive clip for clothes.


15. Attach the magnet from the back side or cover plates to securely store therein during operation of pins and needles.


16. Wooden sticks for a barbecue on both sides of polymer clay – so the rolling layer will be uniform.


17. Creating a candle with your hands, tighten the wick using clothespins or wooden sticks for sushi


18. The silicone potholder will protect your fingers when you need to sew a thick tissue or joints seams, and the surface will not allow the needle to slide.


19. To fill the toy vehicle, fashioned from a plastic bottle of just such a funnel


20. advise when removing the pattern for a toy necessarily make the layout of plain clay. This will allow you to better see and understand form.


21. When you have finished knitting, put ordinary wine corks on spokes – and no loop is not “run away”. Instead, you can use the eraser caps.


22. Set the desired angle camera, placing it in the bag with the dealer. This design will help replace the tripod and avoid blur caused by a trembling hand shots.


23. The clip-clip in handy if you decide to engage in weaving – it is firmly hold the end of the cord in place.


24. Stationery Clip will protect your fingers when you need to cut the object with force.


25. By the same clip-clip Pitch device for knitting – put in the bowl tangle, fix it on the wall of the clamp and insert the thread through the metal tab.


Courtesy: liveinternet.ru

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