Amazing Sweet Gift Ideas for the New Year 2019

In anticipation of New Year’s holidays, we always ask ourselves: “What to give to family and friends?”. It seems to be so easy to buy any gift in the store, but you want something original and unusual. A nice surprise will be a sweet New Year’s gift and not only for children, but also for adults. Using an infinite imagination, we can get a wonderful sweet surprise. From time immemorial the gift, executed for the native by own hand, is considered the best. After all, giving such a surprise, we put all the warmth of the soul and a lot of zeal. And to help you decide to make a gift by yourself, we will consider several ideas.

1. Sweet Pineapple

Such an original gift is never a shame to give and make it will not be very difficult.

For the production of pineapple you will need:

  • Champagne; candies are round (yellow)
  • tape-aspidistra green – one meter wide
  • glue gun
  • rope

We put a little glue on a candy and we attach to a bottle, it is necessary to glue over all perimeter of a bottle except for a throat. We leave a gift, we give the opportunity to completely dry glue. Let’s borrow leaves. Cut the ribbon to the size of your leaves and make the ends pointed. Now that the glue is dry, we tie our leaves to the bottle with a rope and tie the end. Spread the leaves to look like a real pineapple. Done.

2. Sleds of sweets

Colleagues or children, it does not matter, anyone will like this gift.


  • A pair of chocolates (one size);
  • several sweets of different sizes;
  • candy-stick;
  • band for scarlet (scarlet);
  • The gun is glue.

Let’s get started. Let’s make a basis. We put chocolate on top of the lozenges. Then we put the sweets, from big to small. We use a little glue on each one so that the structure does not fall apart. In the end, we bandage everything with a beautiful ribbon.

3. Marmalade sticks

A perfect gift for children’s institutions.

We will need:

  • Swords;
  • marmalade in the form of animals,
  • fruits; one-time packages;
  • sweet confectionery sprinkles;
  • tapes made of satin;
  • scissors.
  • Fruit jelly to the middle of strung on skewers,

so that it would be easier to pack. The last marmalade does not need to be done until the end, so as not to tear the package. We remove the skewers in bags and decorate with a ribbon.

4. An unusual snowman

This gift will appeal not only to children, but also to adults.

It will require:

  • Three jars of the same size (glass);
  • different small sweets;
  • black paper red shades of cloth;
  • paint;
  • brush;
  • The gun is glue.

Filled with sweets, the banks put the pyramid on each other.Now let’s get down to the decor. On the top jar draw a face, in the middle of the button. We make a hat out of paper, we attach it to the snowman’s head. We make a scarf out of red cloth. Done.

5. Sweet rainbow

We need:

  • a can of glass; colored dragees;
  • paste;
  • satin ribbons.

Sort the pellets according to the color scheme and lay them on the banks. The first layer of candy is dark, making the transition to light. Pastila at the very top of the can and close. Decorate as soon as your imagination comes up. Now you should consider the unusual ideas of sweet gifts for the new year.

6 Carrot cottage

From ancient times to this day, gingerbread are a symbol of the holiday. Gingerbread gift will taste not only children, but also adults, as it is completely harmless. Shelf life 3 months.

7. Chocolate with predictions.(New Year’s fortune-telling)

 Predicting the fate of chocolate will be a chic gift for the holiday. Each prediction is packed separately in a beautiful package. Predictions can be thought up completely unpredictable. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time.

8. New Year’s Cake

If you are confused and can not choose which gift to make a native, give them a cake. Cakes can be ordered with mastic figures, symbols of the year. If you do not have time to order, you can make this cake yourself. Now there is no secret from anyone how mastic is made, biscuit. You can step by step bake a masterpiece, then the admiration will bring not only the cake, but the hostess who made it.

9. Gift chocolate in the form of a Christmas tree

Present a chocolate bar in our time no longer brings much surprise, but chocolate in the form of a figure will be an excellent gift.

10. Sweet money

This humorous gift will be to your liking, both to relatives and friends. If you want to do it yourself, then you need to print money the size of a candy. Wrap the candy on top of the wrapper money and put it in any transparent jar. We will write on the jar the word “bank”, and decorate the jar at its discretion. These examples of sweet gifts will help you decide what you will please your relatives. Maybe it is our article that will inspire you to make presents yourself, as a gift made with love is the best gift. New Year is a long-awaited holiday for children and adults. Therefore, the choice of surprise should be treated with special trepidation, to give each other a real holiday.

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