A casket for storing jewelry is a necessary attribute in the arsenal of any fashionista. It is convenient and practical: all the necessary accessories are collected in one place and always at hand.

Casket decorated with CDs
But how to be, if you have not had time to acquire such a casket, or is the old one broken and you are no longer pleased with your appearance? Do not get upset, you are quite able to make an original and beautiful casket of old CDs with your own hands .

Required Material:

1. a small cardboard box;
2. Old CD and DVD discs;
3. Tube of glue “Moment”;
4. Strong scissors (a tin-cutter or similar tool is also suitable);
5. Grout for tiles or putty;
6. A rag.

Casket decorated with CDs

The principle of making a casket

Step 1.

Scissors cut the discs into small pieces. If there is a strong cutter available – use it, otherwise your hands will numb and will be very sick. Advice from the author of the homemade: take the discs of good quality, and even better licensed, as cheap blanks will separate and crumble directly in your hands.

The smaller pieces you cut the discs, the more open the box will be. If there is patience and enough time, cut the blanks with a pattern or ornament, and the end result will impress you!

Step 2.

With glue “Moment” glue pieces of discs on cardboard. Leave for a while to dry.

Casket decorated with CDs

Step 3.

Trowel for tiles or ordinary putty fill the voids between pieces of discs and leave to dry.

Casket decorated with CDs

Step 4.

Surplus of grout is carefully removed with sandpaper. Rub the product with rags to a mirror shine. The casket is ready!

Casket decorated with CDs

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