Today, an accessory such as a key chain is not only a necessary attribute of everyday life, but also a small cute little thing that always accompanies each of us. And if before the key rings were used exclusively as a suspension for keys, now it is also a stylish decoration. Designers and manufacturers come up with new options for this necessary accessory. Charms-amulets, souvenirs, flashlights, roulettes, openers, flash drives and more began to appear more often. It is these simple things that are used even for advertising purposes (the logo of the company is depicted on the surface).

A keychain is considered an ordinary souvenir or gift, which is customary to give to friends and colleagues. The greatest value of such a nice gift is if it is made by hand.

We bring to your attention several variants of simple master classes that are simple to implement and budget-financed about how to make keyrings with your own hands.

Braided Keychain of Satin Ribbons

To make a stylish accessory you need 2 narrow satin ribbons of different colors. The step-by-step course of the work is as follows:

  • Folded in two ribbons weave in a certain order. In order not to get confused in further work, you can number the ends (you can write numbers with a marker or attach paper with a stapler or glue). The numbering is best marked on the very edges of the ribbons, so that after the end of the weaving, they could be cut off.
  • We lift the tape at number 3 upwards.
  • Ribbon 1 we throw over the third tape and let it pass through the resulting loop between the third and fourth tapes.
  • Then pull the edges of the ribbons lightly in different directions and get the resulting square. If you want to get a keychain that is not rectangular, but cylindrical, then the edges of the bands should be pulled tight.
  • We lower the upper band 3 downwards.
  • The second ribbon is lifted and shifted to the right, and tape 4 is lifted upward.
  • We put the first tape into the formed loop.
  • The edges of the satin ribbons are tightened and we get a new square.

  • We continue to weave a key chain to the necessary sizes or until the ribbons run out.
  • In order not to dissolve the edges of satin material, hold them over the fire or fix it with an adhesive gun (you can use ordinary glue, transparent nail polish, etc.).
  • Tighten the finished ends to the knot and insert the ring.
  • In the work you can use not only satin ribbons, but also textile and leather
  • laces, as well as plastic tubes. The material that you choose for work depends on the structure of the craft.

Accessories from felt
Beautiful and bright trinkets from felt will taste not only kids, but also adults. And the manufacture of these pendants will be entertaining and useful for school-age children. In the vastness of the Internet you can find a huge number of different ideas for carrying out key fobs from this material.

For work you will need:

  • set of felt (sheets of necessary colors);
  • threads of a mulina;
  • Synthetic or cotton wool (for packing);
  • key rings;
  • scissors;
  • a felt-tip pen;
  • braid.

As part templates, you can use the proposed schemes – it will be enough just to print out the sheet with diagrams and cut out the part templates.

  • Apply the templates to the felt and draw with a felt-tip pen or a ballpoint pen.
    Cut out the details along the contour. It should be noted that for one craft, you must prepare all the elements in a double copy.
  • All the parts that are located on top, it is worth sewing (glued) on the front side immediately.
  • Sew the parts in pairs, retreating from the edge of 1.5 – 2 mm.
  • During the connection from the top, we insert a loop from the ribbon. Prolonging the key ring.
  • Before sewing completely, you should leave a small hole through which you can put a soft filler.
    Sew the hole, fix the thread – and the accessory is ready!

Keychain brush

A bright and memorable keychain or pendant for a summer bag can be done in just a few minutes. The following set of materials will be required:

  • colored thread for knitting or embroidery;
  • piece of cardboard;
  • scissors with sharp tips;
  • needle with a large eye (darning);
  • beads (wooden, plastic, glass);
  • Scotch;
  • rings for pendants, carabiner (small size).

Step-by-step execution:

On a cardboard rectangle from above make a shallow incision and insert the end of the thread.
Top the colored yarn (you should make about 40 revolutions).
With a piece of thread, tighten the windings on top and tie them in a tight knot. Do not cut the ends of the thread.
Opposite ends cut and trimmed.
Having retreated a few centimeters from the screed, it is necessary to wrap a thread of a different color and tie it tightly.
On the upper thread string a few beads and put it in the ring. The end of the thread is once again passed through the beads and fastened inside the brush.

Instead of beads, you can use small pompons or flat figures with a through hole.

Trinket buttonhole with buttons

Perhaps the simplest, but at the same time beautiful and original hand-made articles can be made from ordinary multi-colored buttons. It is enough only to pick up shades of different size similar in shade and thread on a strong string (line), starting with the largest one and continuing work in descending order.

At the very end of the string, draw the thread through a small bead (bead). This will give the work a complete look.

Leather keychain “Heart”

A no-lose version of the souvenir is a leather key chain. It is from this natural material that the accessories look the most stylish and attractive. Another distinguishing feature is that the natural leather practically does not lose the external gloss even after a long use – rather, on the contrary, it acquires a pleasant shabby and shine.

To work, you need a skin flap (size 10 to 20 cm), a little sintepona for packing (or a piece of butterfly), tight threads, an awl, a darning needle, a detachable ring.

Completing of the work:


  1. On paper measuring 10 by 10 cm, draw the motif “Heart”.
  2. Cut out the pattern and transfer it to leather material.
  3. From the skin flap cut 2 identical parts.
  4. Fold the hearts with the wrong sides and apply a marking for the holes. Points should be placed with an indentation of 3 mm from the edge. The distance between the marks should not be more than 5 mm.
  5. Shilom or a special punch for working with skin punch holes.
  6. Insert the sintepon (butterfly) in the middle of the leather parts and sew the edges with the stitching stitches.
  7. Insert a detachable ring into the hole from the top.
  8. A strip of 8 cm long is sewed into a ring and sewed together.

Keychain made of leather is ready. In the work you can use a material of bright colors, but the natural coloring (brown shades) will look no worse.

Trinket from polymer clay (hamburger)

Beautiful and original crafts are obtained from polymer clay. To make a funny key fob you will need:

  • polymer clay in various colors (brown, yellow, green);
  • toothpick;
  • Super glue;
  • lace;
  • carnations with a loop on the end (or you can use a shortened safety pin).
    Phased work description:
  1. Roll out of the brown clay 2 balls of a small size.
  2. Flatten your fingers into thick cakes (there will be 2 halves of a bun).
    From the pieces of yellow and green material, roll a square (cheese) and a circle with wavy edges (lettuce leaf).
  3. Next, we begin the assembly: put half a roll of yellow cheese, green salad, cover with a second half of the roll.
  4. On top of the toothpick we make frequent indentations, in which we put tiny pieces of yellow material (sesame).
  5. From above in the middle we make a puncture with an awl (thick needle).
  6. According to the instructions attached to the polymer clay, we bake the craft.
  7. In the top hole we insert a carnation with an eye and fill it with super glue.

We catch a string for the key ring – and a fashionable author’s accessory is ready!

From a waste material (from wine stoppers)

Very interesting and original things are obtained from wine stoppers, which we usually throw out. But having shown imagination and creative approach, it is possible to make of this short material a pretty keychain.

Make charms and pendants can be made entirely of any material. Amateur hobbyists and professional masters make irreplaceable mini-things from fabric and felt, beads and beads, threads and leather, plastic, wood, metal. And in the old days, for example, even in the work on key chains used ivory, expensive enamel, precious metals and stones. With the use of different technologies and forms, you can make not only an excellent gift, but also a kind of work of art!

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