Many peoples have different beliefs and beliefs. Pigeon (pigeon) is traditionally a heavenly herald and is associated with something pure, bright, solemn. In the East, the pigeon means love and marriage, but in Greece the white mail pigeon became the prototype of the dove of the world, bearing in its beak an olive branch. In Christianity, the white dove became the designation of the Holy Spirit, for it is the dove and lily that symbolize the Annunciation.

To date, the dove is a symbol of spring, peace and tranquility. Therefore, several variants of the master classes of paper craft of the pigeon will come at the right time.

Carved dove from the stencil

The proposed method of making a paper pigeon by cutting out a template (stencil) is perhaps the simplest and most accessible.

  • You will need:
  • a sheet of white cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • a simple pencil;
  • black marker (marker).
  1. Using office equipment, print the template of the required size.
  2. Cut out the contour and transfer it to the cardboard.
  3. Depending on the density of the cardboard, prepare 1 or 2 bird parts.
  4. On the cut out details point out the eye, draw the necessary lines.
  5. Depending on the purpose, glue a satin ribbon on top (if the pigeon is to be suspended), or glued a wooden skewer with adhesive tape.

Appliqué from napkins

A greeting card with a snow-white pigeon can be made with paper napkins.

Manufacturing process:
  • On a cardboard basis, schematically draw a pigeon outline using a template.
    From napkins (white, without a pattern), cut the squares with a side of 2 – 3 cm.
  • The resulting squares roll between the palms into not too tight balls.
  • On the painted bird, apply PVA glue and glue the paper balls tightly to each other.
  • When the glue dries, paint the background with blue paint, draw a schematic globe below (globe).
  • Instead of pellets of napkins you can use cotton wool or cotton wool. To do this, apply a piece of cotton wool on the patterned pigeon (a cotton disc cut into several parts).

Your greeting card is ready. You can give it to veterans with words of gratitude for a peaceful sky over your head!

Dove from pom-poms

In the production of pigeons, various materials can be used in combination with paper. Effectively look paper doves made from voluminous fluffy pompoms.

Step-by-step manufacturing instruction:

By the increased pattern, we cut out all the details. Suitable album sheets – too thick paper will not look, and the thin will quickly break.
The details of the head (2 pcs.) Are glued together in pairs, leaving the opportunity to paste the carved trunk at the bottom.
We make a fluffy pompon with a diameter of no more than 10 cm from white wool threads. You can also use a factory device to make a pompom (on the back of the package, you will be given detailed instructions on how to make pompoms).
We glue a fluffy ball and paper parts.

From a cardboard plate

From a disposable paper plate you can make an original souvenir pigeon. First, we outline the contours along which the wings and body of the bird will be cut out. Then, using a double-sided adhesive tape (glue gun), attach the wings from behind, and draw a beak and paws with an orange felt-tip pen. The dove of the world is ready!

More complex in the manufacture of hand-made articles from a cardboard plate will be another proposed option (pictured). Due to the fact that the edges of the plate are initially convex, the wings and tail of the bird are more natural.


In kindergarten and with younger schoolchildren, you can make the world pigeons out of plain white paper for a printer.

  1. For young children, prepare cut out details of the bird’s body.
  2. In the middle of the stationery knife, make a small cut (1.5 – 2 cm).
  3. From a blank sheet of paper, bend the accordion.
  4. Fold it in half and insert it into the slot along the fold line.
  5. On one of the parts of the accordion, glue a loop from the ribbon, for which then the hack will be hung.
  6. Glue the halves of the accordion.
  7. Decorate the dove with a flower, draw a beak and eyes.

Now you can hang an article on a large home flower or give it to grandfathers and grandmothers.

Woman shoes made in the form of pigeon

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