Diwali is more than a celebration of lights. It is known for crisp painting and enhancing our homes to welcome bliss and energy, meeting up of families, companions and friends and family, sprucing up in our best luxury, appreciating each other’s conversation over a wide assortment of yummy delights and interminable Diwali parties! The centrality of Diwali is fundamentally joined with lighting lights however the job hues play in the general festival is additionally critical. It is trusted that on Lakshmi Pujan day Goddess Lakshmi herself descends on earth to favor her enthusiasts with wellbeing and success. While diyas/lights are lit to guide and welcome her to one’s place, delightful Rangoli designs are spread out to welcome her in the house.

As a kid, Rangolis energized me more than glutting on incredible sustenance. I spread out specks with the assistance of the extraordinarily dabbed Rangoli paper my Mom got for me and looking for her assistance in picking the correct hues and examples. She persistently let me take hours to make the easiest structures and was constantly thankful. It was exciting when I won a Rangoli-production rivalry at 10 years old!

Here are an amazing video tutorial of customary and stylish Rangoli design that you can utilize this year to flawlessly enhance your doorstep for Goddess Lakshmi’s welcome.


Rangoli Easy and Simple Designs for Diwali TsMadaan – Video Tutorial

Rangolis are generally made with pulverized limestone, hued chalk powder, rice powder and even blossoms. Likewise with numerous different things, they have advanced after some time with everything from embellish, combination, shadow, water, mobile hued glass and wood configuration designs, and so on clearing a path for the utilization of innovativeness in creating extraordinary structures and Rangoli styles. Happy Rangol!

Innovative rangoli designs using easy tricks

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