Diwali Rangoli may be a tradition of decorating with colours. this can be the means Hindus adorn their homes to welcome divinity Hindu deity throughout the pageant of Diwali. it’s additionally celebrated because the day once the nice conquered the evil, as told within the Ramayana. Let’s celebrate with a bit peak into Indian mythology.

The story is that the good Lord Rama together with his married person Sita came back to Ayodhya once fourteen years in exile, on the day of Diwali or Deepavali, because it is additionally referred to as. In these fourteen years, that they had had to face plenty of hardships. the most important being Sita’s abduction by Lanka’s ruler Ravana.

Thus once the good king came back together with his married person, the folks were joyful. Sweets were distributed and homes were decked out up as brides. And since then, this pageant is well known each year in India.

Rangoli using spoon /easy rangoli put the flowers petals by jyoti Rathod – Video Tutorial

Beautifying our homes with Rangoli is one such tradition. Rangoli (Rang suggests that ‘color’ in Hindi) is that the art of decorating the floors with colours. Some create the feet of the divinity Hindu deity. whereas others create Rangoli with rice flour and flowers and nevertheless there square measure others United Nations agency use rice and dry colors. Here may be a fun Diwali Rangoli with spoons and cookie cutters which will keep your children occupied for an extended while.

Easy & beautiful Peacock rangoli using spoon – video tutorial

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