Live flowers are associated with summer, warmth, youth. Maybe, that is why it is customary to give bouquets to beloved women and girls. Flowers can tell about feelings and decorate a festive outfit. Mankind has long learned to imitate nature, and now every creative person can create inflorescence with his own hands. To do this, it is enough to prepare corrugated paper , scissors, glue. Even the children in the kindergarten will be able to make floral arrangements and applications that are not inferior to the original.

Corrugated paper flowers

Corrugated paper is ideal for creating inflorescences and leaves. From the corrugation it is convenient to make petals: the soft material easily folds, leaving no excesses and at the same time firmly holds the mold. Such a simple material gives a great field for creativity and imagination.

With the help of corrugated sheets, you can create a decor for postcards or bulk bouquets that exactly match the fresh flowers.

Appliqués from corrugated paper “A branch of mimosa and sirens”
With preschoolers of any age, you can assemble a twig of lilac or mimosa from corrugated pellets. The creation of a small application will promote the development of fine motor skills, imagination, logical and abstract thinking. With the help of parents, the application will be performed even by children 2-3 years old.

For work you will need:

  • base (thick paper or thin cardboard);
  • corrugated colored sheets (lilac violet, and mimosa – yellow);
  • double-sided green paper;
  • pattern of leaves and twigs;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • green felt-tip pen.
    Description of work:
  • Cut the stems and leaves on the stencils, glue them to the base

  • Tear off several small pieces from the corrugated sheet and twist them into pellets.

  • Marker draws the branches for the “inflorescence
  • Orienting on twigs, glue colored lumps.

These are just some examples of corrugated sheet applications. From the corrugation, tulips and snowdrops will also be obtained. The creation schemes are shown below.

Applique snowdrop made of corrugated paper

Applique of rose from corrugated paper

Application of carnation from corrugated paper

from corrugated paper you can make a beautiful lush carnation:

Or a postcard with carnations for a gift for the holiday on May 9th.

For this it is necessary to prepare:

  • corrugated sheets (napkins);
  • scissors;
  • the basis for a postcard;
  • a stapler;
  • glue;
  • green paper (for leaves, stems, sepals).
    How to make a flower in stages:

Cut a few small circles of corrugated paper or napkins.

  • Make circles in a pile and fold them two times to make a quarter of a circle.
  • Fix the corner with a stapler and make the cuts fringed along the semicircular edge.


  • Sweep the fringe, imitating the petals of the carnation.

  • From the green paper, cut the sepals and the stem, glue them to the coronet.

  • Cut out the extended leaves from the folded paper and add the composition.

Bulk bouquet

Lush roses will decorate the birthday card. They are also made from carved circles, which are fastened with a stapler. The implementation of the application is step by step presented in the photo below.

Video: 3D 3D corrugated paper flowers

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