Hand Embroidery – Brazilian Embroidery – Bullion Knot Rose Embroidery – Step By Step (Tutorial). If you love floral embroidery, you need to know about stitching bullion roses. Although worked with a more advanced stitching, giving it a beautiful visual effect, this beautiful flower is quite simple. A bullion rose is made with an original center, and then, you guessed, boolean knots! If you have not learned this sewing before, then you should practice making boolean knots of different sizes. Be sure to try to make a curved bullion, where the rapping is longer than the stitching distance.

For this tutorial the example DMC color variation uses Pale Cotton, but you can embroider a bullion rose with standard embroidery floss, crawl yarn, silk ribbon or more. With only a little preparation, you will be ready to prepare this beautiful flower.

How to do bullion rose embroidery for kurti neck

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