More holidays – more reasons for creativity. Yesterday we made crafts for Easter, and today we are preparing congratulations for the Victory Day. Joint creativity is always more than just making a souvenir. This is a lesson on the development of imagination, imaginative thinking, motor skills and a digression into history.

Tell your child about the great feat in the process of working on the dove of the world, and what kind of bird of goodness it will be for you to decide. We have collected for you several options for crafts – from elementary to painstaking.

A simple pigeon from the palm print

Help the kid to circle his palm and draw a circle around the top of the fingerprint – the eye of our pigeon. If you want to make the craft more voluminous, cut out several such blanks (only without a muzzle) and glue them on top of each other.

 Prefabricated model by template

Just print out the shape from our template and connect the parts together. By the way, the tail and wings can also be cut along solid lines.

Fold the workpiece along dashed lines, glue the details of the trunk, and glue the backs to the back.

A similar pattern, only with markings for cutting out an intricate pattern.

Flag with pigeon

You can take this with you even to the parade. Glue to the colored rectangle a pigeon figurine, and attach the workpiece to a tube, for example, a cocktail.

Pigeon made of paper parts

One more variant of the composite figure. On the details of the wings make symmetrical cuts and with their help connect this part with the trunk, and on the sides glue a lot of paper “droplets”.


Choose the color of the paper, form a square, fold according to the instructions and everything will turn out;)

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