Old T-shirts are suitable not only for rags. From once nice clothes you can make an original piece of interior, for example, a pillowcase, and without needles and threads! How? Now tell.

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Material Required For Pillow Cover

  • Pillow
  • Unnecessary T-shirt
  • Scissors

Procedure of Making Pillow Cover

  • Apply the pillow to the T-shirt and circle the outline.
  • From the line of the stroke we retreat 8 centimeters and draw an additional square.
  • Cut out on the lines of the larger figure 2 squares of cloth.

  • Each piece of fabric is cut along the perimeter so that a fringe is obtained. We make sure that the number and width of the strips on all sides are the same.

  • We put one square upside down, put a pillow on it and cover it with the second square, face up.
  • We begin to tie the opposite strips of tissue in the nodules.

  • That’s all! The original pillowcase is ready, and we did not even need a sewing machine.

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