To store clothes, shoes or any other things, you need a place. For this purpose we buy cabinets and chests of various variations. Unfortunately, very often this necessary furniture is quite large, and for it it is necessary to allocate a lot of space in the room. Especially for you are collected interesting ideas, thanks to which, you can store things without unnecessary furniture, while making your interior more cozy and stylish. .

Where to store things, if there are no cabinets? Angle

Often it is in the corners that a lot of unoccupied space remains. Therefore, you can freely use it to place a mini dressing room. Simply select the crossbar for the required dimensions.


You will be surprised, but even the simplest branch can serve you as an unusual hanger for things. Such a variation of storage of things will become a stylish and creative addition to the interior of your room.


The staircase will be an excellent idea of ​​storing your clothes, various attributes, shoes, bags and much more. This will be a rational and practical solution, as this does not require a lot of space. Plus all the necessary things, always at hand.


Thanks to simple wooden clothespins, you can make interesting holders for things, such as: sweaters, skirts, jeans and much more. Take advantage of this idea, and it will be a highlight in your interior.

Open wardrobe

If you do not have enough money to buy a cabinet, or there is not enough room in the room, then safely choose a wardrobe with closed or open shelves, or boxes.

Under the bed

Where else can you profitably store seasonal clothes, if not in a niche under the bed. For example, in the summer, you can put winter clothes on, and vice versa.

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