Simple and Attractive Diwali Rangoli for Beginners

Rangoli art is the traditional art of India. It is believed that with Rangoli design in front of your house, good luck with the purpose of home decoration. In various festivals such as Diwali, Dashshara, Snakranti, Gudhi Padwa, Ugadi, Ganesh Pooja, Durga Puja etc. have also been made in front of Rangoli house and Lord idols. Various communities along with Rangoli competitions were organized during the festival. There are various names and forms of art in various states of Rangoli, such as Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Magu in Andhra Pradesh, Mandana in Rajasthan, Chakrapura in Chhattisgarh, Alana in West Bengal, Aryana in Bihar, Chowk Puja in Uttar Pradesh.

Super Easy , Small and Attractive Diwali Rangoli for Beginners| Flower Rangoli by Shital Mahajan – Video Tutorial

Small Innovative New Rangoli Design by Shital Mahajan | Beautiful Kolam – Video Tutorial

Diwali / dasara / dasehara special rangoli 2018 – Video Tutorial

Dussehra and diwali ki neat and clean rangoli design by DEEPIKA PANT – Video Tutorial

Rangoli can be made by various methods like Stencil, Rangoli with Rangoli design, Rangoli with colors, Rangoli design with flowers.
Border Rangoli design or simple flower / leaf pattern can be considered as Rangoli design for beginners. These are very simple rangoli designs, even kids can attract these rangoli.

Very Easy Peacock Rangoli For Lakshmi Pada

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