Using the master classes given in the article, you can organize an exciting lesson in the kindergarten. Preschoolers are always interested in seeing the results of their own creativity. Depending on the complexity, the manufacture of paper crafts on a “frog” theme can take place in the younger, middle or senior group. Ideas can be any number.

Children in the preparatory group can make an application from the fabric or paste on a sheet of paper three-dimensional products made in the origami technique.

Applique “Frog” from geometric figures

Frog from Circles

Using the detailed step-by-step instruction, the child will be able to make a funny frog from paper. The figure is made of triangular patterns (at the same time, comprehend and the basis of geometry). It will be interesting for the child to create a frog application himself. The main thing is to act step by step and not rush.

Frog from triangles

Application Frog from triangles
For creative work you will need.

  • two sheets of green colored paper of different shades;
  • cardboard sheet for the substrate;
  • paper glue;
  • scissors;
  • rhinestones for decorating the applique of the frog (they can be replaced with shiny sequins).
    Have you prepared everything you need? Now – for work. Act step by step.
  • Cut out five pieces of paper: one large triangle and four smaller ones. Dimensions are not fundamental. However, you can increase the finished drawing, print and use as a stencil (cut out the details and circle the contour on colored sheets). Like that.

  • Now glue a large triangle in the center of the cardboard sheet: with the base pointing down, the top pointing up, as in the figure.
  • The next step in applying the frog is to glue the “legs” of two smaller triangles.
    The two remaining small triangles are the head of the frog. Here is this, with a slightly open mouth.
  • Eyes for applique frog can be made from rhinestones or sequins. They will turn out brilliant and unusually bright. Lubricate the colored paper and pastes with glue and lay out such beauty here.
    The frog is ready. Further, there are no restrictions for children’s imagination. You can make an ordinary frame of color strips in the tone of the application, according to a scheme, as in the photo.

We make the Frog Princess by templates

It will turn out even more amusing if the main background is painted in advance with a blue watercolor – it will be a lake. Decorate it with images of water leaves and water lilies – the picture will turn out to be quite realistic. If you represent the arrow at the “feet” of the amphibian – you will get an illustration of the Russian folk tale “The Frog Princess”. Here a small crown made of bright rhinestones or sequins will be appropriate. Here are the blanks for applique on the theme of a fairy tale about a princess-frog.

And such a cute person – as a result.

Another pretty video instruction. Using this MK, you can make an amphibian from brilliant beads.

Video: Frog in the swamp

Volumetric application “Frog”

The original material for children’s creativity in the kindergarten or junior school is cotton wool, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or a store. From them cut out the blanks for the future picture and paste on the sheet. For the manufacture of crafts you will need:

  • scissors;
  • sheet of cardboard for the substrate;
  • a set of gouache paints;
  • wadded disks.

You can paint discs beforehand or after the appliqué is ready. It should beremembered that the dyed cotton wool dries long enough. It looks interesting and natural, unpainted material.

The technique of performing a frog application from cotton pads is as follows:

  1. Draw on the paper the outlines of the frog. Older children can do this on their own, the kids need the help of adults.
  2. Observing the boundaries of the picture, paste on the basis discs made of cotton wool.

  • You can glue the disks to the base as follows:
  • Cover the cardboard base with glue and spread the picture. This method is
  • suitable for children who have not yet mastered the fine work with glue.
  • Circle the silhouette of the part on the cardboard, spread the glued area with
  • glue, and then press the part to it.
  • Spread the glue on the part and attach it to the cardboard base.
  • Lay out the non-glued parts drawing. Then alternately raise the parts, apply glue on the cardboard backing and fasten the parts.
    Here such pictures with merry frogs have turned out after glue has dried up.

Applique from textiles

The application of a frog, made of pieces of tissue glued on paper, can be performed even by a three-year-old baby. At the same time, it looks very beautiful and original, can serve as a decoration for children.

Older children can simultaneously explain the properties of various types of tissues. Very nice look compositions of several types of textiles.

To work turned out beautiful and accurate, you must first prepare the textiles. This is work for adults.

  • Wet the fabric, starch it, dry it and iron through gauze.
  • Spray the artificial fabric with gelatin solution and dry it without ironing.
  • Further – everything is simple. Attach a stencil to the fabric, circle the outline,
  • cut out and paste onto the cardboard backing as well as the paper.
  • Decorate the finished product with buttons, paillettes or beads.
    Here such beauty.

Applikatsiya – a beautiful, exciting and not at all difficult form of children’s creativity. We hope that these descriptions will inspire you to create man-made masterpieces in kindergarten.

Video: Application “Paper Frogs”

Templates for “Frog” applications

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