The Christmas Decorations with recycled material decorates with the same excellence as the industrialized ornament, bought in traditional stores

Among the many models, there are Christmas Decorations with glass bottles, Christmas Decorations with recycled pet bottle material, Christmas balls with recycled material, among many others. Some Christmas ornaments that you will see nor need extra materials, you can use common items that are present in all Brazilian homes, such as paper and disposable dish, for example.

How to Make Christmas Decorations Step by Step

To make snowman roll toilet paper you will need:

  • Rolls of toilet paper;
  • Pipe cleaner;
  • Small Pompoms;
  • Colorful pens;
  • Plastic eyes or eye models of your choice;
  • Hot glue pistol;
  • Common ribbons, jute ribbon, sianinhas, trimmings, rustic yarn, sequins, lace spikes, entremeios, and the trimmings you want to use to decorate your piece;
  • Common brush;
  • White acrylic paint;

Old newspaper, old paper, cardboard, old fabric or plastic, to line the place where you will work with your piece.

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts. Paint the roll of toilet paper with the white paint. Let it dry. With the colored pens, make the details of your snowman, the buttons and carrot nose. Glue your eyes. Glue a piece of ribbon or another binding around the roll to simulate a scarf. To finish your piece, stick two pompons, one on each side of the roll of toilet paper and a piece of pipe cleaner, simulating an ear protector. And it’s ready!

How to Make Craft Christmas Ornaments

With styrofoam balls, glitter, pipe cleaner and red ball you make a nice reindeer to hang and spruce up your Christmas tree.

Easy to Make Recycled Christmas Crafts

The Christmas ornament with re the recycled material can surprise positively by the exquisite and elaborate look, regardless of size and pattern, so it is always ideal to use differentiated elements to increase your craftsmanship. Get inspired with Christmas ornaments with pet bottle, Christmas tree with recycled material and other cute little things. Enjoy everything!

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