Best Out of Waste Toothpaste Cover : Make DIY Jewellery Box at Home

We generally continue searching for some intriguing waste things from which, we can create something innovative and extraordinary. While hunting down such waste things, our inquiry delayed at the toothpaste covers. Toothpaste covers are just pointless in our day by day life.

We bring the toothpaste wrapped in a cover, utilize the tube every day except toss the toothpaste cover that day without realizing that this poor easily overlooked detail has numerous uses!

Things You Need For Jewellery Box Craft

Things You Need

  • Printed Paper, Empty Toothpaste Covers, Colors, Plastic Wire, Beads
  • Glue gun, Packing Tape, Scissors, Color Brush, Cutter, Pen & Pencil, Ruler, Adhesive

Step by Step Tutorial: Best Out of Waste Jewelry Box made using Toothpaste Cover

Step 1- Take measurements of the 2 boxes

First, take 2 boxes (Toothpaste covers) and draw the markings as shown.

Jewellery Box Using Toothpaste Cover

Now cut the boxes along the markings using a cutter.

Step 2- Cut the jewellery boxes

Take the colgate box and cut small pieces out of it.

Best Out Of Waste Box Using Toothpaste Cover

Step 3-Paint the compartments and box

Take the first box and color it using white paint.

DIY Jewellery Box Using Toothpaste Cover

Color the small cut out boxes using different colors as shown here. Let the boxes dry completely.

Step 4- Prepare the printed paper

Take a printed sheet and take the measurement on the sheet according to the box.

Jewellery Box Using Toothpaste Cover DIY

Now cut along the measurement. Do not cut the inner lines, just run a cutter gently on the markings for easy folding. Make some cut marks on the printed sheet as shown.

Step 5- Stick the printed paper on the box

Jewellery Box Using Toothpaste Cover DIY Craft

Apply glue on the box and paste the printed paper on it.

Now, place the colorful boxes inside the box.

Step 6- Give the box a finishing touch

DIY Box Using Toothpaste Cover

Now stick a bead at the lower portion. This wire and bead will be used to close the box. Take a plastic wire and paste it on inner portion of the flap as shown.

Wow!! your beautiful jewelry box is now ready to use.

Do try making this amazing DIY jewelry box which is a cool recycled craft. Do share your feedback with us.

Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!!

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