Summer is all about letting loose and having fun and this also applies to your nails! Fruit nails are colorful, creative, and the possibilities are almost limitless.

The best thing about fruit nails is that you can mix and match so many colors and it will always end up looking great. These 12 fruit nail art designs are as sweet as the fruit they’re inspired from and perfect for the summer.

5 Summer Fruit Nail Art Designs!

Hi guys! In today’s DIY nail art tutorial, I’ll be showing you a quick summer guide to creating a bunch of different fruit nail art designs. You can choose to wear one or two of them as accent nails, or you can combine them all together like I’ve done to create an ultimate fruit manicure that’s super colorful, bright, and FUN! 🙂

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Nail Art Compilation – Best Nail Art Designs

Here are some of the most beautiful nail art designs you can try for your self at home or on your best friend. These are definitely going to hit the trends soon and will make you look like a million bucks.

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Cute Watermelon Slice Nail Art

A cute fruit nail art tutorial featuring the perfect summer treat- watermelon! You can DIY this fun, summery nail design at home just by using nail polishes you have in your collection!

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Yummylicious Strawberry Nails Tutorial is here.

Products Used:
Red nail polish, Green Nail Polish – Or Use Green Acrylic Paint
Base Coat and Top Coat, Toothpick, Thin Brush

1. Apply red nail polish over a base coat.
2. Paint multiple coats of red polish to build up the required thickness. Apply a layer of top coat in between each coat to prevent red getting too dark.
3. Check the depth using a toothpick. If required apply additional coats. More the coats, better would be the texture.
4. When the polish is 90% dry, use the toothpick to create the texture.
5. With the help of a thin nail art brush, draw a green curve on the cuticles, using Fevicryl green acrylic paint.

Creative Grapes / Berry fruit nails tutorial using some day to day household items.

Products Used:
Base Coat, Purple Nail Polish, Mustard Seeds, Tooth Pick, Thin Nail art Brush

1. Pour out a bit of purple polish onto a piece of tin foil, and then roll the mustard seeds with a toothpick.
2. Apply 2 coats of purple polish over a base coat.
3. When the polish is still wet, start placing mustard seeds using toothpick. To get the bonding, make sure the mustard seeds are semi wet.
4. Make a small bunch of seeds with toothpick and place it randomly on nails.
5. For finishing, dab little fresh purple polish over mustard seeds with a thin nail art brush.


Next in the Fruit nail art tutorial series is Sweet Corn Nailart.

Products Used:

Yellow Nail Polish, Top Coat, and Metal Net or Tea strainer


1. Paint multiple coats of yellow polish over a base coat to build up the required thickness. Apply a layer of top coat in between each coat to prevent yellow getting too dark.
2. When the polish is almost dry, press the metal net lightly over nails to imprint the grid and pick up immediately. Do not apply the top coat.


Pineapple nails tutorial

Products Used:
Yellow Polish, Green Polish, Brown Polish
Or Use Yellow, Green and brown acrylic paints.
Green Acrylic Paint for leaves
2mm Square Studs, Toothpick, Thin Nail art Brush, Tweezer

1. If you don’t have the exact shade for the studs, mix yellow with little brown polish and paint the studs with brush.
2. Leave it to dry for some time.
3. Apply a coat of green nail polish over a base coat. When the polish is still wet, start placing studs using a tweezer.
4. You need to play around with the placements of the studs to cover the nail, depending on your nail size and shape.
5. If you don’t have triangular studs, cut the square studs half to get triangles for the sides and bottom.
6. Lastly, paint the leaves with green acrylic color using a thin nail art brush on cuticles and skin.


Courtesy: Alps P Ladwani

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