Indian culture is all about grand rituals and tradition which is been followed with the same enthusiasm as it was followed millions of years ago. The fragrance of Indian culture is so strong that it still attracts millions of people to explore it from around the world. In Indian, there are many rituals starting from the birth of a baby to marriage and death. Each event and phase in life is associated with certain rituals.

Marriage is one occasion that is celebrated with much pomp and glory. An Indian marriage is associated with traditional clothes, jewelry and festivity. Indian woman epitomizes a true traditional bride by carrying the age-old Indian culture. They wear traditional attire like saris, leghena, and Salwar suits along with heavy jewelry. Married women in India wear a mangal sutra in the neck as a sign of marriage. Mangalsutra is regarded as a pious thread that is tied on the neck by the groom during the marriage ritual.

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