Give me a few kurtis and a couple of trousers or leggings, and I am sorted for a couple of months at least. It’s a go-to for most Indian women because they are comfortable, versatile, and elegant. Not just young and middle-aged women, it has become a staple for females of all age groups. And, suddenly, my mom is now competing with me and gloating around in her kurti collection. But, do we know all the different types of kurtis out there and how to style them? Or, the type that suits your body type the most? No? Don’t worry – you will know it all, shortly.

10+ Different Types Of Kurti Designs

There’s one for everyone and every occasion. But remember, no matter how beautiful a kurta is, if it’s not styled the right way and with appropriate bottoms, it can fall flat. To avoid any kurta gaffes, let’s look at the different types of kurti designs pattern and also some styling tips.