Half braid can give you an elegant and charming look. Take a section of your hair and keep it in front. Make a half French-knot from the top and tie it with a simple braid made with the section of hair kept in front. Leave rest of the hair tied in a ponytail. This half-braid gives your office look an extra charm. You can wear a half-braid with a nice dress for a formal occasion or a casual party look.

Half braid

For this super cute hairstyle, all you will need is some time, and an ability to french braid (it doesn’t need to be perfect, the chunky look is perfect).

Half Braid Wrapped Ponytail

Start by separating a segment at the base of your neck for the braid wrap. It doesn’t have to be too thick, depending on the look you want to go for. Tie that section off.

French braid down the back of your neck, ignoring the section you tied off, until you have no more hair to pull into the braid but your section. Tie your braid off into a low ponytail.

Braid the section you had left out of your french braid then wrap it around your ponytail, hiding the elastic. Use a bobby pin to hold in place.

This cute breezy hair style is cute for a summer day, or any time when you feel like being a little bit flirty but simple at the same time. It is also a great way to practice your french braiding techniques without needing to be perfect.

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