How to make decorative flowers made of felt for brooches: We have many times made the flowers with his own hands on the rim on the barrette, well, today is another master class how to make decorative flowers made of felt for brooches.

For the master class will need:

  • Color felt
  • Woolen threads
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Buttons
  • Threads with a needle
  • Clasp for brooches

Take a sheet of colored felt and cut a rectangle.

Put on one edge of the rectangle glue.

Merge rectangle of felt in half and give the glue to dry.

Cut a strip of felt as shown in the photograph.

Once again, apply the adhesive.

Glue the felt to the woolen thread.

When finished glued woolen thread, cut the excess yarn remnants.

Apply glue to the wool yarn.

After the glue has dried, we begin to twist our stripes in the “roll”

Kind of felt flower behind.

Fix the “roll” thread.

Making buttons from the middle of the flower.

Behind glue buckle for brooches.

And any decorative flowers made of felt obtained by means of the MK.