Incredibly popular dragon Bezubik fascinated millions of children around the world. Perhaps your baby will want to become one of the winged reptiles on Halloween.


  • Fleece or felt color
  • Double-sided thermo fleece (fabric, with double-sided adhesive side)
  • Eraser flat
  • Wire hanger or heavy wire

1. Cut out the wings pattern from the paper.

2. Transfer the contour to 2 layers of colored fabric and 2 non-woven fabrics

3. Cut out the “bones” from the wire.

4. Fold: the first color layer, fleece, “bones”, the second color layer.

5. Iron smoothly without steam.

6. Stitch the wings on the typewriter with a small and dense zig-zag along the edge and around the “bones”

7. Sew a strap-gum.

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