Paper Card from cardboard with their own hands can be an excellent gift for your beloved relatives. Children with great pleasure work on their creation and try their best to have a really beautiful postcard. As a result of this work, children learn a lot of new skills, for example, they begin to correctly handle scissors and glue, and also show maximum imagination for achieving worthy results.

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The idea of ​​decorating a postcard

There is a huge variety of options for how to make a postcard from cardboard. You can also choose the most suitable material. If traditionally the cards themselves are made of cardboard and paper, then more original variants are found using natural materials, such as dried plants. Also, the use of various accessories is allowed. As a result, you can create a cardboard card in the style of scrapbooking.

A beautiful cardboard veneer

Selecting the material for the postcard

If parents with children decide to create a card from their own hands, then for the beginning it is necessary to choose the right materials. Half of the success of the work depends on how correctly the components of the postcard will be selected.

Lovely cardboard postcard


The most basic material in this case will be cardboard, colored paper and glue with scissors. It may also be necessary to markers for drawing inscriptions and drawing additional details.

New Year card from cardboard

In the servitude of what is planned postcard, a list of necessary materials can be added.

Recommendation! For example, a very good and interesting option will be printing postcards on the cardboard, which children will color, and then supplement with various elements of colored paper, dried leaves and beads.

Three-dimensional postcards from cardboard

It turns out very interesting and beautiful. You can also buy decorative cardboard for cards, which already has special drawings or shiny elements. This option simplifies the work on postcards, and also makes them as original as possible.

Greeting card – bouquet on March 8

If a child has not worked with cardboard before, it’s better to try something simple. Decorative cardboard will cost a little expensive for a beginner master, because you can take the usual color or white material. The density of cardboard for postcards is also somewhat different. If it is a question of white cardboard, it is better not to use too dense, as on top it will be obligatory to paste colored paper. This can make the material very tough, and it will be difficult for the child to work with it. As for color cardboard for postcards, it can use any density. It is worth noting that experts recommend buying two-sided cardboard for making greeting cards. It costs not so much expensive, but essentially reduces time of work over a product.

Postcard – cake with scrapbooking technique

In specialized shops you can buy cardboard for cards in several versions. Anyone will do, as basically similar images of products are made from the B5 format, that is, the smallest one. If you get a cardboard A4 or A3, you get 2 or 4 cards, respectively.

Postcard for Grandma and Mom

Much! The most optimal option will be A4 cardboard, that is, the size of an album sheet.

So, half of the material can be inserted on the substrate for the postcard, and the second part – for the manufacture of additional elements. Designer, that is, decorative cardboard, can also be purchased in various versions and sizes.

Postcard from cardboard on March 8

What touches the glue, it is best to use PVA. But this option is only suitable for gluing paper and cardboard. If the work will additionally be used fittings, you will need a more serious adhesive, for example, silicone.

For cutting cardboard in most cases use scissors. However, professionals can apply special cutters for paper. Figured details are not cut so, but you can easily divide the sheet into parts. It is very convenient, but children should not be allowed to work with such devices.

In the event that parents have no desire to select paper and additional elements to create an interesting card from their own hands, you can purchase a ready-made set for creativity. This, as a rule, includes both cardboard, and various accessories, and scrapbooking paper. Everything is supplemented by a step-by-step guide, so the work will be easy. Sets are offered in different versions, you can make a postcard for any holiday. They are also distinguished by their complexity. Beginners can choose more simple options, and experienced craftsmen – postcards for their level.

Postcard from cardboard for the New Year

But we must also take into account the fact that ready-made sets are not cheap, although they include simple materials. If you separately buy cardboard for cards, color paper, dry sheets from trees and paints, buy a few ribbons and beads, you can save a considerable amount. Not only that, in this case the master will not be limited in creativity and will be able to discover his imagination as much as possible.

Birthday card

How to choose the coloring for decorative cardboard and scrapbooking paper

Many newcomers are always lost when they see what variety they offer cardboard and paper for needlework. The assortment is truly amazing.

When choosing a decorative cardboard or scrapbooking paper, you need to clearly establish for yourself what the postcard will look like when it is ready. For inspiration, you can see the works of professionals. This will help determine and with the look of the future postcard, and with its color scheme. Only by determining the direction, you can start to choose cardboard and other components to create an exciting work.

Postcard in scrapbooking technique

Some masters go a lot in a simple and economical way. They get the usual white cardboard, and after they print out the necessary background on it. For these targets, it is desirable to take a medium-density material. Print backgrounds are much cheaper than purchasing ready-made decorative cardboard for postcards. This option is ideal for beginners, as they do not have to worry about the fact that they can spoil expensive paper.

Birthday card for mom

The most difficult is the choice of colors. For starters, do not choose complex drawings, because for them to bend additional elements hard. So you can easily get a postcard with an excessive brightness or an overly rude version that will not create the best impression of the work.

Postcard dad

Postcard dad

Specialists will ratify that it is difficult to work with complex drawings in the sense that they do not allow them to fully open their imagination and limit their creativity. Some masters are afraid to overdo with ornaments, because there are already quite a few flowers on the basis, and others are simply afraid to close the beauty of the picture on the cardboard itself. As a result, it is impossible to fully implement the idea.

Postcard handmade with bouquet

Postcard handmade with bouquet

Recommendation! For the manufacture of gift cards from cardboard with your own hands, it is desirable to choose two-sided material, this will allow you to squeeze efforts and work time, since on the wrong side you do not have to glue the colored paper and wait until the glue dries.

Moreover, double-sided cardboard and scrapbooking paper are quite strong and quite fit for creating beautiful products.

Postcard with moths

Postcard with butterfly

Having chosen a two-sided cardboard, it is necessary to add to the list of obligatory materials for making a postcard snow-white or any other light colored paper. It is necessary to create items for inscriptions and wishes on the inside of the postcard.


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