Since childhood, winter has been associated with many people with ski walks, playing snowballs, skating with a hill, modeling snowmen. We suggest that you remember your childhood and create your own exclusive snowman from disposable cups that will not melt and will delight you and your children all year round.

Children’s snowman

The simplest version of the craft, available even for preschool children, will be a snowman from a disposable paper cup. It is best to take a paper glass, because it is more convenient to draw with felt-tip pens and paints, it is easier to glue details.

You will need the following:

  • Paper cups;
  • Glue;
  • Felt pens and paints;
  • Scissors;
  • Colored laces;
  • Wire.

In any case, the set of necessary items can vary: it all depends on how and how you will decorate your characters.

Procedure for Snowman from Disposable Cups

The course of work is simple, but creative:

  1. On an inverted cup draw a felt-tip pen, nose-carrot, eyes. Eyes can be glued ready or use for this purpose small black buttons, beads.
  2. From above put on a hat (can be made from a cut off child’s sock) or a rim with guns, made of wire and cotton wool.
  3. We decorate the bottom of the glass with bright tape or decorate it.
    A hand-crafted piece can be put on the table or presented to friends as a New Year’s souvenir.


Create a cozy atmosphere in the room you can with a homemade lamp in the form of a snowman made of plastic cups. We offer step-by-step instructions from the photo of this model:

First you need to prepare everything you need:

  • Stapler or glue gun,
  • Knitted scarf (you can take a wide ribbon),
  • A garland or a lamp,
  • Colored cardboard,
  • Scissor
  • Double-sided tape,
  • plastic white cups in large quantities (200 – 300 pieces depending on the required size).

When all materials are prepared, you can proceed directly to work:

  1. We spread the workpieces with bases inwards (main row of 25-30 pieces of cups), fasten them with a stapler or glue gun.
  2. The second and subsequent rows are laid out in checkerboard order, in each subsequent row reducing the number of glasses. It turns out half the ball.
  3. The bottom of the ball is laid out similarly, but not to the end – leave 2 rows unfinished, so that later you can attach the upper smaller ball, which acts as a head.
  4. For a snowman’s head, make a smaller ball. For this purpose we fasten in a circle 16 – 18 pieces of glasses.
  5. Spread from the main circle on top and bottom a few circles, reducing the number of glasses.
  6. The upper part is not laid, then cover with a cap, and connect the bottom part to the base.
  7. Cut out colored cardboard eyes, mouth, buttons, glue the voluminous nose. We paste the prepared parts with the help of double-sided scotch. Top with a hat or cap.
  8. The docking between the head and the body is covered with a scarf or a wide ribbon.
  9. Inside the snowman we place a multi-colored garland or a light bulb.
    If you use not white, but transparent cups in the work, then the backlight will be brighter.

Wall snowman from plastic glasses

To create such a decor you will need glasses, scarf, black cardboard for the cylinder and buttons. Semicircles are done similarly according to the description proposed above. If you want a larger piece, then do not two, but three semicircles.

We glue the cylinder half. Using a double-sided adhesive tape or an adhesive gun, attach the hand-crafted item to the wall or door and admire the result! In order to keep the snowman better, you can first attach it to a cut of wallpaper or a large cardboard, and then already place vertically.

Magic decorations from disposable tableware

If you use glasses of different colors in your work, you can make not only a snowman, but also other heroes. For Santa Claus, in addition we take red glasses for panties. Instead of a scarf we tie a long tinsel, put on a hat with a pompon.

A cheerful clown, made entirely of colored cups, you can dress up in a bright cylinder and a shiny tie – and it will be an excellent decor for the celebration of a child’s birthday.

DIY: Snowman Craft tutorial

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