How to paint christmas mug

Nature – the greatest artist. Who, if not her, learn to select the paint, make thin pictures, like a strict schedule or the rich intricate patterns?



  • Ceramic mugs without pattern
  • Acrylic paints on glass and ceramics

Step by Step Tutorial To Paint Mug

On a sheet of ordinary writing paper, draw a simple pattern (in the form of waves or curls), and cut it out. A strip of paper should be long enough so she could wrap cup


Place the stencil around the middle of the surface (top clubs leave unpainted) and a sponge, apply paint (ceramic) blue. Allow it to dry.


Make a new template or use an old, slightly shifting the image with respect to made. Place the stencil is lower than the first time, apply the paint and blue.


When this layer dries, apply a third same way, using a dark blue dye. All the flaws and inaccuracies can be removed, be adjusted to drawing with a brush.

Make a fine brush drawing – added “waves” made by stenciling, pale blue swirls. “Turn over” the top edge of the picture.


Draw a thin delicate snowflakes are located on a dark background light, and a light – dark elements. To figure remained for a long time, the circle must undergo heat treatment. The required sequence of actions and the optimum temperature is usually indicated on the packaging of cans of paint.


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