Weaving of multicolored rubber bands in recent years has made a furor in the market of childish developing toys. Created a toy machine Chinese Chong Chun Ng. He immigrated from Malaysia to the United States and settled in the University of Wichita at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, start working in the automotive company Nissan Motor. His daughters liked to make children’s jewelry. Watching them, Chong decided to come up with a toy loom.

Weaving of toys

This machine looked like an ordinary wooden board with stuffed carnations on it. A denture tool served as a hook for loosening loops. The toy was named Rainbow Loom. After the family Chong Chun Ng took off and laid out a training video on weaving toys from rubber bands, the toy machine trade soared.

Erasers for weaving toys and bracelets

Round elastic bands for weaving happen in different colors, texture, strength. But they are all made according to the principle of making balloons. A tube of a certain size is lowered into the melted rubber or silicone mass. After the mass has solidified, it is removed from the tube and cut by a special machine into small rings. In the process of weaving toys, it is necessary to stretch the thin rubber bands, so the main quality for them is strength. Elastic bands can be:

  • smooth pink;
  • figured;
  • with pearly protuberances pimple;
  • monophonic with denticles;
  • have several colors;
  • bright “chameleons” and glowing neon gum.

Erasers for weaving

Elastic weaving sets

Sets of rubber bands are sold in small bags of 100 pieces each. But for one small toy they may need a lot more. Therefore it is more convenient to choose sets with elastic bands, which include:

  1. Weaving machine or slingshot;
  2. loop hook;
  3. 600 to 18 000 rubber bands of different colors;
  4. fasteners;
  5. pendants and charms.

Stanochka for weaving toys from rubber bands happen in different sizes. Small sets may include a slingshot machine, a hook and several types of rubber bands. The largest set includes 3 machines, metal hooks, rubber bands, beads.

Weaving machine

The technician for weaving toys a few.

  1. Weaving on the machine.
  2. Weaving on the slingshot
  3. Weaving on the fingers.
  4. Weaving on the fork.

On the fingers and fork, you can weave beautiful bracelets, rings. On the machine and slingshot can come out wonderful little toys, rubber wallets, cases for mobile phones, keychains.

How to weave toys from rubber bands on a machine: video

In order to learn how to weave toys from rubber bands, you can find a video instruction on the Internet. It’s better to start with the simplest toy, so, ice cream. The toy consists of the main part, which can be any paint, we tie a stick and a white layer to it. For weaving you will need:

  • machine;
  • hook;
  • rubber – for crimson ice cream, we take 30 pieces of scarlet rubber, for a stick – 8 rubber bands of brown, for a layer – 8 pieces of snow-white gum.

We will position the machine so that the notches for the hook are looking in the opposite direction. It is necessary to begin with the first acting column. Throw on it two gum a scarlet color and pull on the column on the left. Take two red rubber bands and place them on the first and second posts. Repeat four times. Then attach two rubber bands of white color in the last row. The first row is done. On the mediocre columns repeat the same action. On the right side, you need to pull two gums on the other post from the first upper post and make three more rows, finishing the last row with elastic bands of white rubber bands. For the stick it is necessary to make three rows of coffee gum in a mediocre row, beginning with a column with a white rubber band. On the last bar you need to put a rubber band of coffee color. To do this, the elastic band should be wrapped around the hook three times and cleanly clad the received loops on the middle post. Then you must again take the scarlet scarves and, starting from the second row of columns, pull them in a horizontal pose. Should be a triangle. Repeat this three more times. You will have four triangles. On the fifth row, you need to make a triangle of snow-white rubber bands. Hook the bottom of the white triangle and transfer it to the previous middle column. On the last two columns of the last row, you need to make contact rubber bands. We begin the weaving. Enter the machine so that the grooves are facing you. Insert the hook into the last column with the coffee gum, take the rubber band back and, having grasped the two lower bands, drop it from the post, move it forward. To knit so middle row. Then, put the hook in a row with snow-white contact rubber bands and move the lower two rubber bands forward. To knead to the lid. The elastic of the last column is transferred to the first column of the middle line. We repeat everything from the left side. To ice cream is not broken up, you need to fix the rubber on the center post. To do this, you need to stretch an additional rubber band through all the lines, fixing it with a knot. We remove the ice cream from the machine.

The technology of weaving other toys is similar. On the pillars put on gum in a certain sequence, then they are tied according to the scheme. Toys made of rubber bands on the machine can be made in the form of animals. Pandas, hamsters, monkeys look very funny. Of them trinkets are made, they are given to friends. You can make flowers, hearts for valentine’s day, dress for small dolls and many different funny toys from rubber bands video. After watching the video guide you can weave an original case for a mobile phone, a small cute coin purse. They can be made from monophonic rubber bands, colored, to get their initials on them. This is not difficult to do, drawing up a scheme of weaving the letters on boxes on paper.

Toys made of rubber bands on the slingshot

On the slingshot, bracelets with various patterns are usually braided. They can be flat or bulky. Despite the small size of the slingshot, it is possible to tie up tiny toys. The set for weaving on the slingshot includes:

  • slingshot of plastic;
  • hook;
  • elastic bands of different colors;
  • fasteners.

On the slingshot you can perform not complex little figures. To knit a cheerful spider, you must have a set for weaving. On one bar of a slingshot it is necessary to put on an elastic band and to twirl four coils. Connect the two sides of the slingshot with another rubber band twisted in half, supporting the hook to tighten the two rubber bands with a knot. Make three more times in a similar manner. Then remove all the loops and throw them into the center. The parts connected with the knot are put on the slingshot. Put on the rubber band folded twice, remove the bottom row. Then move all the loops to one side, again remove the bottom row. All the elastic bands connected by the knot are cut: these are the legs of our spider. On the slingshot you can weave an interesting toy lumigurumi. This crocheted crocheted toy is a toy that has a filler inside. In the technique of lumigurumi, you can associate, for example, a 3D owl. It will require: for the body of 500 pieces of main paint gum; for the eyes – 8 pieces of white rubber bands and 15 pieces of cube, for the beak – 10 pieces of yellow rubber bands, stuffing material. You can make a horse of rubber bands in Lumigurumi technique, it is very similar to a small pink pony from a cartoon. It is very easy to weave funny berries and fruits on a slingshot.

Figures from rubber bands

Weaving of multi-colored rubber bands has become the best leisure time for suckers and girls. Even some adults enthusiastically help their children to invent and weave different figures from ordinary little gums. The indisputable advantage of weaving from small rubber bands is the development of fine motor skills, perseverance, the development of fantasy. Knitting, weaving reduces the manifestation of anxiety, aggression. Such a thing teaches you to focus on one thing. Creativity helps to develop a certain taste in a child, develops designer abilities and creativity. But it’s worth talking about the harm that low-quality sets of rubber bands can cause. First of all, it is not necessary to serve gum for weaving to a child under 5 years old, without adult supervision, do not allow yourself to grab gum. There is a possibility that he may accidentally swallow an elastic band. But the main danger is in the increased content of the chemical plasticizing additive – phthalate. Before buying gum, you need to smell them, if they do not smell, then there is a possibility that they contain phthalate. What material is not worth buying elastic bands for weaving. Rubbers made from rubber (latex), can trigger allergies, they quickly break. Made of PVC rubber bands have low elasticity, so they add phthalates.

Elastic bands and bracelets

Silicone products are elastic and durable. A lot of products are made of silicone: baby nipples, dishes, organs for transplantation. You can say that silicone products have high safety. Hence, it is necessary to buy rubber weaving, made of silicone. In order to understand that the rubber from silicone, they need to be tested.

  1. It is necessary to stretch the rubber band to the maximum limit. Silicone rubber band will rupture, and from PVC will stretch.
  2. It is necessary to smell the elastic band. If it does not smell, then most likely it’s a silicone rubber band.
  3. Try to set the gum on fire. Silicone lights up slowly, during combustion, black and white soot is released. The smoke must be white.
  4. If you freeze the product from PVC or rubber, they become hard. Silicone rubber bands remain flexible when frozen.

The fact that the product assigned to children is dangerous has become known not so long ago. After conducting a hygienic check, Rospotrebnadzor noticed toxic elements in some sets. They were pendants, which are practically in all sets. They are most dangerous. In some areas, where children were involved in weaving colored gum, introduced a ban on the sale of non-certified sets of rubber bands for weaving. This was done because they noticed the secretion of toxins, harmful to children’s health. Do not buy sets for weaving in questionable stores. When buying at any outlet, it is necessary to demand a certificate of quality for this product. In the European countries, it is recommended that all consumers pay attention to the labeling, which is on children’s sets of rubber bands for weaving. They must be marked with the “CE” symbol. This sign indicates the quality of the product and guarantees safety for health.

To ensure that a wonderful, developmental game does not bring harm and trouble to you and your children, use the recommendations.

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