How to make elephant from rolls of toilet paper

How about if we make a fun and cute elephant with rolls of toilet paper. I invite you to recycle at home , and do crafts with your kids that are easy and nice



recycled toilet paper rolls (we use 5) acrylic paint or tempera green clarito sponge or soft hair brushes Foami white, green “EVA-microporous”. Markers. Green, orange, brown eyes or paper dolls . Engrampador, liquid silicone, hyssop. We elephant rolls of toilet paper recycling 1. With a sponge-load of green paint and paint dragging the sponge along the roll of toilet paper. (You can also use a brush but it Hair soft)


Then we transfer foami, choose the colors you like best.


‘This step is optional , if you like to decorate I invite you to do it. Take a green down and outline our elephant ears, then swab gray out everything delineated.


We repeat the same step with the other molds of our elephant, trunk and tail. To decorate trompita only gets a brown streaks down and make little girls.


The ears, tail and trunk , decorate painting white dots (using the brush head to the dots) .Listo we have all the pieces of elephant, Now we go to paste.


With liquid silicon paste part of the elephant’s legs.

8 (1)

With a stapler we add together the 4 rolls of toilet paper, so we have the elephant’s body.


To make the elephant’s head, you just have to stick a roll of toilet paper on the body that had been done. (If you want it is as stubborn as mine, you can cut a little roll) 9. Then stick the tail on the back.


To make the ears, only we bend a little and stick inside the roll. Finally paste the trunk and eyes.


Crafts for kids with nice and recycling fáciles-