How to make eucalyptus flower from quilling

eucalyptus flower is not very large, but bright and beautiful.

Flowering eucalyptus and in the spring, summer and autumn.

Shades of flowers can be different, but the most notable – red.

eucalyptus flower

eucalyptus (7)

the inner details of the leaves are completed using, short and long Quilling strips, to give it a realistic effect.

With the use of tear drop shaped coils, and loose closed coils, we intend to showcase a new design and style in Quilling Art.

You can make a beautiful home decoration item using Quilling Art.

Being one of the most versatile paper art and craft techniques, Flower Quilling has always remained a hot pick among all craft lovers.

Quilling home decor is one easy art and craft that a person of every age group can practice. This Quilling flower is one design that you can easily use in your Paper Quilling Wall Hanging.

This Quilling design tutorial is best for avid crafters. The Quilling flower design is a Quilling Design for beginners making the craft easy and much more doable for them.

So make an awesome DIY Quilling Art Home Decor Piece and add a personal feel in decorating your home!

eucalyptus (2)

eucalyptus (3)

eucalyptus (4)

eucalyptus (5)

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This photo eucalyptus flowers from a nearby tree to us on the street.

eucalyptus (8)