How to make mosaic butterfly

Mosaic glass and beads. Painting mosaic butterfly own hands Class. Mosaic glass beads and “symbol of beauty and joy”

mosaic butterfly

Tools and materials:

  • broken glass,
  • beads,
  • tweezers,
  • wooden toothpicks,
  • white paint for the background,
  • glue Erich Krause,
  • Frame 20×30,
  • brush.

Purpose: to decorate the interior.

butterfly (2)


1. Introduction.

Butterflies – one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth! They look like flowers come to life, the brightness of the color of their wings is truly fantastic! It is not by chance called the butterfly a symbol of beauty and joy. Gentle, lovely creation – butterflies always delight our eyes. Looking at them, we get closer to nature, relieve tension of our rapid, hectic life.

Children often catch butterflies, not realizing that these are causing them harm.

I was struck by the world’s only case of “treatment” of the insect. One autumn day in the studio of the painter Antropov Kuindzhi flew butterfly. In the morning she was frozen to the glass, and when it tried to break free, then so badly frayed the wing that could no longer fly. Kuindzhi decided to save his guest. From his own hair, he fashioned a wing frame, and between the hairs pasted a patch of thin paper, which masterfully painted by copying the image from the other wing. This almost weightless frame the artist neatly pasted on the damaged wing of a butterfly, and a miracle happened – she flew. Imagine – Fly!

So my master class will teach careful attitude butterflies help of glass shards and beads to collect their world of butterflies.

2. The practical part.

The sequence of manufacturing butterfly

Do not start to work until until you prepared workplace. One should remember, and always follow the rules of safety.

Glass shards fluttering beauties to “get” by whipping bottles, vials out of the toilet water and perfume, as well as the bottle from under medicines.

butterfly (3)

Observe extreme caution when breaking glass: wrapped in dense tissue flap, put on a solid surface and hit with a hammer. This necessarily use goggles and gloves. Do not be afraid of visual fragments – caution comes by itself. But the sharper Shard, the richer his palette.

butterfly (4)

Sift through a sieve glass

butterfly (5)

Using tweezers to select the appropriate size pieces of glass of the same color and stack them in a small plastic container. At the same need as many containers as glass beads and colors will be used in the work.

butterfly (6)

The work begins with the selection of the “object”, that is, to find or draw a picture of a butterfly, which will be spread. Of the variety to choose a butterfly, which is like, “give” her color (color sketch-sample).

butterfly (7)

Sketch butterfly under glass insert into the frame. Squeeze a small amount of glue on the glass bottle (base) and gently spread it on a small part of the picture with a toothpick.

butterfly (8)

Toothpick pry one bead beads and put on the adhesive coated portion. Nearby are putting the next bead and so on.

butterfly (9)

Again squeeze glue, tweezers take the selected piece of glass and put it on the adhesive coated portion, trying to squeeze it tightly to the base of the flat part of the fragment “lay down” on the glue. Nearby are putting the next fragment, and so on. E., Thus disease, fill splinters one shade the entire area, painted on the sketch in this color.

butterfly (10)

Sketch butterfly removed from the frame, ready to work dry. Background painted in white color.

butterfly (11)

Insert a picture in a frame.

butterfly (12)

3. Summary

Creation miracle butterflies with their hands gives satisfaction from their work, is delighted by the beauty of contemplation. Your panels will decorate your interior. Goodbye, until next time!