How to make trendy hairstyles

hairstyles (1)

pick up the hair in a ponytail

hairstyles (2)

Take out of the bottom of the tail pryadochku

hairstyles (3)

decorate gum anchoring invisiblehairstyles (4)divide the tail into two partshairstyles (5)

extreme right-hand separate the strands of small pryadochku and shift it to the left strandhairstyles (6)extreme left hand separate the strands pryadochku and shift it to the right lockshairstyles (7)alternating between 6 and 7 points get weaving spikehairstyles (8)dopletaem our tail to a level of uniform length hair, fasten a rubber bandhairstyles (9)The maximum stretch our scythe in handhairstyles (10)The remaining hair is not braided twist, hiding under the tail, invisible fixhairstyles (11)beautifully laid braid fixing on all sides by invisible or hairpinshairstyles (12)