Today I’ll show you how in plastic cans to make a basket. I talk about in the manufacture of boxesThe basket will be done the same way, using only the bottom of the jars, the cover we do not need.


To start cut off from the stiffeners top banks strip (upper rim).


It will handle our baskets.


Puncture two symmetrical holes in the rib banks to insert the handle:


The handle can bottom to omit from the outside. After this hot stud (holding pliers) Burn (in the pen with the bank) holes for the subsequent attachment of the handle.


We take out the handle and start strapping bars without nada, fixing the edge of the thread to the highest puncture hole.


Ready to insert the handle back into the jar (trace coincidence of holes – not to confuse) and thread to stitch with a needle into prepared holes.


We begin to knit the two bases (external and internal) for the baskets. To this end, the felt circle with a diameter of the bottom of the cans tied columns without nada and continue knitting to the height of the banks, without adding (in the form of a pipe).


Needle sews related internal basis with the bottom cans in advance punctured hot nail holes in the bottom of the jar.


Thereafter, the inner part of banks is as follows:


We put on a second outer knitted basis on the jar and connect both sides of the seam over the edge:


Harvesting is ready. It remains to decorate to your taste, but you can leave and in this form.


And what will be decorated with your basket – fantasize yourself!