Now the Internet is densely included in your everyday life. And if earlier all novelties of cinema and computer games were bought and stored on CD and DVD disks, today this need has disappeared. But a huge number of these same discs have survived, which simply dust on the shelves. We advise you not to rush to throw them away! From CDs you can make your own hands with excellent crafts and souvenirs, which will serve as elements of home decor.

We offer to make a symbolic souvenir owl from the discs. After all, the discs store information, and the owl – wisdom.

Wise Owl

So, to make a cat, you need the following:

  • 10 disks;
  • scissors (choose the large scissors that you can easily cut on the discs);
  • glue gun or glue “Moment”;
  • a pencil (or any stick);
  • food foil;
  • a small piece of leatherette yellow (can be replaced with cardboard, velvet paper or a cloth of the appropriate color).
    In the process of work it will be necessary to cut the disks. Since this material is fragile enough to break down, several spare discs must be prepared in addition.

Step-by-step instruction for doing crafts:

  1. We take 2 discs. We impose them on each other in such a way that the centers do not close. Fix them with an adhesive gun.
  2. At the edges of the resulting detail (like an inverted eight), we make frequent incisions. Try to ensure that the incisions are the same length of about 1.5 – 2 cm.
  3. Further from kozhzama we cut out 2 round details (it is important that they coincide in size with the middle of the discs). We paste in the middle of the circle and put the dots (pupils) with a black marker.
  4. From the disk we cut out 3 triangles (2 ears and a beak) and 2 rectangles with rounded corners (eyebrows). We paste from above.
  5. Next, 2 disks are added similarly in the form of a figure eight. We lay it with a shift down under the head of the owl and paste it.
  6. Another one of the two discs is cut at the edges and glued from the bottom.
  7. From the back we glue 3 discs, folded in a triangle: on the sides wings are visible, on top – a crest.
    Now let’s make a twig on which the owl will sit. Pencil tightly wrap the food foil and tighten the ends so that the foil does not untwist.
    From the discs, cut a few leaves. In the middle of each sheet, the sharp end of the scissors is scratched with veins.
    On the stick we paste the leaves and attach the bird.
    Wise owl is ready

If small parts (ears, beak, eyebrows) will be hard to cut out of the discs, you can make them from a plastic bottle of brown color. To the edges were not sharp, melt them (bring it to a lighted gas stove or lighter, plastic will melt slightly and look more beautiful in work).

Children’s cat

It is very interesting for children to take part in creative works. Do not deprive them of this opportunity and suggest making your owl from CDs.

The proposed version of the craft is not complicated in execution, and the child of school age will cope with work independently. Preschooler will have to step-by-step explain each action and help in cutting out details. But the result is worth it!

Getting ready to work, prepare all the necessary materials and tools:

  • disk;
  • glue gun (superglue);
  • felt brown, yellow and white colors;
  • scissors;
  • black marker.
  • For young children we are preparing already cut out details from felt (wings, ears, paws). For students it will be enough to prepare templates from cardboard.
  • On the triangles of the ears in the middle we make small incisions and glue the edges with an overlap.
  • From the back we glue the details of the ears and paws, add the wings and fix them on the sides.
  • Black marker make hatching along the contour of the paws and color the wings.
  • Then from the brown felt we cut a diamond, we draw the edges of the marker and draw an inverted triangle from below. This will be the bird’s beak. We glue
  • it directly onto the middle hole of the disk.
  • From brown, yellow and white felt cut out in pairs circles of different sizes, add them, orienting on the photo, and fix the top of the disc. In the middle of the eyes we draw pupils.
  • With a warmed-up glue gun, we paint over the feather disk (waves).
  • To be able to hang an owl on the wall, we make a loop from a ribbon or lace and paste it from behind.
    Now the owl will decorate the children’s room and delight you and your baby.

For the smallest (anti-stress toy)

For children up to a year bright, pleasant to the touch toys. The only and most important criterion is safety for the first fun of the baby. To small children too it is possible to make such toys, answering to all inquiries, from disks.

To work, you will need discs, a set of colored felt, thread, needle, cotton braid, scissors, a little cereal and creative inspiration.


  1. Apply the disc to a piece of felt and outline it. We cut out 2 such round details, slightly receding from the edge (for the seam).
  2. On one of the circles above, sew small stitches cut from the felt parts: wings, paws, eyes, beak.
  3. From dense colored fabric (flannel is the best) we cut out 2 details for the tummy. Sew the details along the top, leaving a small hole to pour in a little bit of cereal inside the resulting bag (buckwheat, rice, millet). Sewing completely.
  4. Sew our tummy to the round base.
  5. Now we collect a round toy-owl. We put in a pile a circle of felt, a disk, a circle with sewn parts.
  6. Stitch the stitches with frequent stitches, inserting the loops from the top and bottom from the braid.
  7. We decorate the owls with bows.

An owl can be suspended to a cot or stroller. The kid will consider a bright toy. The sewn bag with croup will serve as an anti-stress element – the child will be able to sort through the grains, which in turn will calm him and develop tactile perception.


An original souvenir that will decorate the office space will undoubtedly become an owl – a symbol of wisdom. To make such a gift is not easy, but the result will surpass all expectations.

To make souvenir owls, you need discs cut into narrow triangular blanks. From the prepared details we form the body of the bird, fixing the edges of the triangles with the help of an adhesive gun. In order for the details to lie smoothly on each other, we must first hold them over the fire: under the influence of temperature, the triangles cut from the disks can be slightly bent.

Owl from the disks seamlessly fit into the office interior and will look decent on the desktop.

Teaching material

To the child quickly remembered the rules of the road (crossing the roadway), you can make a “reminder” -light lighter. Cover the discs with colored cardboard of the signal colors of the traffic light: green, yellow, red. Make the owls funny faces, which will convey the appropriate emotions: joy, approval, anger.

Now even the preschooler can easily memorize traffic light signals. A smart team will help you do this in the form of a game.


The master class of manufacturing from the disk of an owl-organizer is quite simple in implementation and does not require any special skills. It will be required: any disc, a set of colored foyamiran, glue, decor elements (satin bow, wooden figured button).

Progress of work:

On the foiurane sheet (this is a new decorative foamy material in needlework, has different names: foamed rubber, plastic suede, reveler) outline the contours of the disc. Schematically draw the ears of an owl.
We cut out 2 identical parts.
We glue the cut parts together, placing the disk inside, and insert 2 small hinge loops downwards (loops are made so that a pencil can be inserted).
We paste the details of the owl’s face on top.
We decorate the bird with a bow.
To the paws we catch a notebook for notes.
Organizer is ready!

As you can see, from seemingly very simple disks one can make a huge number of beautiful and original handicrafts that will please you and your friends.

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