Very soon there will come the most feminine day of the year – 8 March. And while there is time, little and needlewomen need to be concerned about the gifts for their beloved mothers, grandmothers, sisters, girlfriends. And unless something can be better than a gift made by hand with love and affection? Therefore, I suggest you make a Women’s Day is the sunniest, most spring and most fragrant flower – mimosa. In performing this hack, we’ll use the technology elements of quilling, but do not worry, it is not difficult, but very interesting and exciting. The main thing in any kind of work – a lot of patience and good humor, and then you need all turnout!

For work, we need:

1. The sheet of colored paper yellow and green;
2. Strips quilling;
3. Tool quilling;
4. Glue – pencil;
5. PVA glue;
6. Shears;
7. Sprig;
8. Corrugated paper green;
9. The foam;
10. Sisal;
11. Simple pencil;
12. Ruler.

To make mimosa flowers, take a sheet of yellow paper and it into uniform strips 1.5 cm wide.

Once the sheet is completely lined by, cut it into strips.

Now we collect together 4-5 and cut the strips transversely to their not to 0.5 mm edge.

Using a tool for quilling tight curl each strip,

and the end of the band to not spun, adhesive glue – pencil. If you do not have a tool for quilling, the strip can be screwed onto a wooden skewer or toothpick. Here is a should get.

To avoid inadvertent damage to the flower slightly sizing its underside. When the glue is dry, her fingers gently flower harvesting, eventually should get here is a fluffy flower.

These flowers need to make about 20 pieces.

Now comes the stalk for our mimosas. As the stem will use a wooden stick, which is completely wrapped with corrugated paper green.

And now it’s time to build our mimosa. Paper flowers stuck on twig adjacent to each other, being careful not to leave gaps therebetween.

In order to make the leaves of mimosa, take a small piece of paper of green, folding it in half and draw in pencil on it mate leaves.

Without straightening the paper, cut out half of a leaf on a path. And again, without revealing the leaf, cut the ends fringe.

Now you can uncover the leaf.

We make three identical leaves and glue them on a flower stem.

A mimosa to look like a real gift to the March 8, will do for her bowl of a stand. A glue between about 15 strips quilling width -. 0.5 mm, and then twisting them in a tight roll. Do not forget to grab the end of the adhesive roll. The diameter of the roll should be around 4 cm.

Now gently squeezing roll, achieving the form of a vase.

To a bowl was solid, we coat the inside of her with PVA glue.

The bottom of the vase is not very stable, and that it did not fall, I recommend to do a little stand for it. Twisting of strips for quilling ring, diameter 2 cm,

and in the middle of it is pasted bottom paper bowls.

Now our vase is much more stable and can do “settling” into it our mimosa.

Fill the vase balls foam

inserted into her flower stalk and slightly impregnate foam with white glue.+

We give the glue to dry. On top of the vase decorate sisal.

Hope you like this tutorial.