Different types of necklines to try in your kurtis

There are various neckline designs available in the kurtis that give you a look ranging from ravishing to a perfect traditional blend. Let us have a look at what necklines you must find and go for at various occasions. Different Types of Neck Designs for Kurti.

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Different Types of Neck Designs for Kurti

  • Asymmetric Neckline
  • Boat Neckline
  • Peter Pan Collar Neckline
  • Collared Neckline
  • Crew Neckline
  • Closed Neckline
  • Cowl Neckline
  • Decolletage / Notch Neckline
  • Halter Neckline
  • High Collar Neckline
  • High Neckline
  • Illusion Neckline
  • Jewel Neckline
  • Keyhole Neckline
  • Off Shoulder Neckline
  • One Shoulder Neckline
  • Pentagon Neckline
  • Portrait Neckline
  • Queen Anne With A Scoop Neckline
  • Mandarin Neckline
  • Raglan Neckline
  • Round Neckline
  • Scoop Neckline
  • Square Neckline
  • Spaghetti Neckline
  • Strapless Neckline
  • Surplice Neckline
  • Sweetheart Neckline
  • U Neckline
  • V Neckline