Plastic bottles everywhere and thoroughly came into use. This convenient and economical in terms of production containers is designed for the maintenance, protection and transportation of liquids. After using such utensils for their intended purpose, do not rush to throw it into the garbage – with the help of this object you can create universal and creative things and adaptations that will help to facilitate and improve everyday life. From plastic bottles you can make a huge number of these masterpieces yourself, starting with ordinary trifles up to swimming devices.

We offer to make of plastic bottles containers and boxes in the form of an apple. This recyclable material resembles the structure of fruit by its bottom, that’s why it is the best for making multifunctional and creative crafts.

Decoration for a garden of plastic containers

Decorate the garden can be with the help of golden apples hung on the branches of fruit trees. To make such a decor you will need:

2 plastic bottles with a volume of 1.5 liters;
a bottle of any volume of green color;
glue gun (super-glue);
golden acrylic paint and brush;

Step-by-step manufacturing instruction
  • Using scissors or a stationery knife, we cut off two bottles of bottoms (retreating from the bottom 4-5 cm).
  • From the green bottle cut off 2 rings (one width 1 cm, the second width 5 cm).
  • We cut out leaves from a wide strip.
  • On the leaves, the stylus scratches the veins.
  • Heat the awl and make a through puncture on top of one of the half bottles.
  • We insert into the formed hole a twisted narrow green strip and a folded in half detail with leaves. To prevent the apple stalk from falling out, fix it with a
  • super-glue or glue gun.
    Fold the details in a ball and use adhesive tape to glue the halves.

  • Top with gold acrylic paint (paint from the can). Since the paint does not fit well and stains the plastic, it should be applied in 2-3 layers on the entire surface of the craft.
    After the apple dries, you can safely hang it on a tree.

Casket for storing small things

Decorate the interior and put all the little things in one place with bright boxes in the shape of an apple. Such containers for storing small items can be transparent (so you can quickly find the content) and painted in different bright colors. The production of containers is not difficult – even a school-age child can cope with work. You will only have to follow the safety techniques while working with scissors.

Prepare the following:
  • plastic bottles of different volumes (choose containers of 2 pieces of the same bottles);
  • scissors with sharp ends (clerical knife);
  • waterproof paints and brushes;
  • green corrugated paper;
  • soft wire;
  • satin ribbons;
  • glue gun (suitable and double-sided adhesive tape).

In the photo, you can see all the stages of work on making the base of the box.

Do not forget to make several small cuts in the top part (cover) for ease of use – then the upper part can be inserted into the grooves on the bottom. To the edges of the box were not so sharp, you can hold the parts over the fire for a few seconds – the edges will melt slightly and will not be traumatic.

After the model of the casket is ready, on the covered surface we place the inverted billets and cover with acrylic (any other waterproof) paint on top. If you use plastic bottles of green or yellow in the work, then you do not need to cover the details of the apple – the box and so it will look interesting.

While the paint dries, you can make greens with cuttings. To do this, from the strip of corrugated paper, fold a loose bundle, then straighten the leaves on both sides and twist the wire. Using a glue gun, attach the shank with a sheet to the top of the box.

Dry parts are inserted into each other and decorated with multi-colored ribbons. You can glue the satin strips with a thermo-pilot or a narrow double-sided tape. To the halves of the box are not lost, we connect them with a ribbon. To do this, use a punch on the edges of the parts to make a few holes, stretch through them a string (tape) and tie it with a bow.

You can store absolutely everything in such containers: lollipops, marshmallows, marshmallow, small pechenyushki, buttons, beads, coins, shells and other trifles.

Container for breakfast

Many people prefer to take food for lunch and snacks. To ensure that the products do not scatter on the bag (school backpack), we suggest making a box lunch in the form of an apple with your own hands. The main condition for lunch boxes is the safe preservation of content, so between halves of the homemade container should make a reliable zipper.

The instruction for the manufacture of the Yabloko container
  1. Take the 2 bottoms from the plastic bottles.
    Using a glue gun (super-glue), glue the zipper. Lightning halves should be
  2. attached from the outside of the container so that in the future, during use for the intended purpose, the contents do not come into contact with the place of
  3. application of the glue.
    On top of the container for breakfast can be decorated with a handle with a leaf. For the cuttings a cork of wine is suitable, and the leaf can be cut out of felt or a dense green oilcloth.
    Another reliable and safe method of fixing lightning is sewing. In order to sew the lock to plastic parts, it is first necessary to make holes along the edge of the halves. Above the fire, an awl should be heated (a thick darning needle) and perforated at a distance of 0.3-0.5 cm from the edge. These holes allow you to sew the zipper without much effort.

In containers it is convenient to store fruits and vegetables, cut into pieces, berries, cookies and croutons. You can be sure that the bag will be clean, and the contents will not crumble and will not crumble among the books and exercise books.

Rattle-apple from a plastic bottle

For the game with the smallest suitable toys that meet the following conditions:

  • safe;
  • bright;
  • made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • In observance of all conditions, you can be sure if you make such toys yourself.
  • To make rattles, multi-colored plastic bottles of 0.5 liters are quite suitable.
  • Cut the bottoms of bottles (at a height of 5-6 cm).
  • If you decide to paint an apple, you need to do this from the inside of the parts.
  • As you know, kids all pull in the mouth, so to avoid contact with the paint (though dried), it is necessary to impose it from the inside.
  • Pour the filler into one of the halves. Buckwheat, rice, peas, beans, beads,
  • small pebbles will do. Each of the fillers will sound in its own way.
  • Glue the parts as reliably as possible so that during the game they do not
  • disintegrate and the filler falls out. Lock the halves with an adhesive gun or threads (pre-making holes for stitching).
  • Author’s rattle is ready! Pouring into the homemade apple different fillers, you can develop the hearing of the baby from the first days of life.

Putting a maximum of imagination and creativity, you can create real masterpieces from very simple used things.

DIY Step by Step Plastic Bottle Crafts Ideas

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