Owl is rightfully considered a symbol of wisdom and education, many supernatural opportunities are attributed to it. Leading nightlife, the bird creates around itself a lot of unsolved mysteries and mysteries. For example, even with the ancient Slavs, the owl was an amulet and personified the unknown and mysterious, and also helped to find treasures and missing things. Many now use statuettes in the form of an owl to attract prosperity and prosperity to their home. By the way, figurines of an owl and an owl not only attract finances, but also protect a dwelling from a “bad” eye and evil spirits.

We offer to make for the decoration of your house and home plot of the owl figurine with your own hands. For the work we will use affordable and inexpensive materials, and for a basis we will take plastic bottles from under drinks and household chemical goods. Using the proposed master classes, you can make your own unusual catcher – the keeper of the home.

Owl-pot from plastic bottles

Make an original stand for flower pots in just a few hours. For work you will need:

  • plastic bottle of beverages;
  • white acrylic paint;
  • tracing paper;
  • black marker;
  • scissors with sharp tips or a stationery knife;
  • brush or sponge for applying paint.

How to make a flower pot in the form of an owl, shown in step-by-step photos,but for greater clarity, we suggest using the detailed instructions:

  1. Scissors (clerical knife) cut the top of the bottle – we do not need it. In the work, only the lower part will be used.
  2. Using a sponge or a thick brush, apply white acrylic paint on the surface of the cut bottom. Wait until the paint is completely dry.
  3. While the paint will dry up, put on a thin paper (tracing paper) a schematic drawing of an owl.
    Attach the paper to the dyed base and secure it from above with paper clips so that the template does not move during further work.

  • Scissors with sharp tips (by the way, it is very convenient to use small manicure scissors) make cuts along the drawn contours.
  • Remove the remaining tracing paper and draw a black marker around the contours of the slits. Draw a diamond-shaped beak and circles near the eyes.
  • To the edges of the bottle were not so traumatic, hold the inverted part over the fire (a lit candle, a cigarette lighter, a gas stove). Under the influence of high temperature, sharp edges will melt slightly and become denser.

Insert the ordinary container with greenery into the resulting pot and you will receive an original decoration of the interior. Cut out hand-made articles can also be used as a stand for office supplies. In the office, not only will your creative skills be noted, but also a creative approach to the use of secondary material.

Little Swine

To make a funny sovenca, which will appeal not only to children, but also adults, you need to prepare a bottle of cola, acrylics, scissors and a gun.

  • Prepare the bottle: remove the top label and rinse from the inside.
  • Cut the container into 4 blanks. The first detail – the neck (in the future work will not be needed). The second part is the expanding part from the neck to the beginning of the label. The third detail is the straight part of the bottle (it will not be useful in the work). The fourth detail is the bottom.
  • Take the second and fourth parts and glue with a glue gun.
    Turn over the resulting figure and paint with acrylic paints (draw large eyes, orange beak, owl’s breast).
  • You can decorate the site with such handicrafts in different ways. You can simply plant an owl on a vertical thin stick (there is a round hole from the bottom), or you can make a few holes with a red-hot awl or nail, pass the wire, and already with it, fix the article on a tree or fence.

Owl from bottles from shampoo

In the work on the manufacture of hand-made articles for decorating the garden area, various plastic containers from household chemicals will be useful. Most often, plastic containers are simply thrown away, and after all, original crafts can be made from it.

For crafting you will need the following:

  • capacity of shampoo or detergent;
  • brown and gray colors;
  • scissors;
  • superglue (hot glue).
  • Making this toy will not cause you difficulties. Invite the children to participate in the work on the self-made owl – they will be interested not only in the process itself, but also in joint creativity.

To make the felt parts look even and equal, make pre-patterns of cardboard. Cut out pieces of material of different colors and glue them to the bottle.

You will be surprised at how your garden is transformed, decorated with such bright crafts in the form of a wise owl. And the children will be proud that they took a direct part in the transformation of the infield.

Owl from bottoms of bottles

In preparation for the production of poultry, prepare the following materials and tools:

  • plastic bottles of different volumes;
  • plastic eyes;
  • wire;
  • adhesive gun;
  • scissors;
  • plastic plate.
    We make an owl according to a step-by-step description:
  • Cut off the brown bottles of bottoms. To make the owl look like real, you need to make the edges of the blanks wavy, simulating the feathering of the bird. To do this, touch the nail with a hot nail for a few seconds to the edges of the cut parts. Obtained undulating sections, like feathers.
  • In the middle of each workpiece make a hole.
    The resulting parts are staggered into a wire. To prevent the details from shifting, we fix holes with a glue gun at the bottom and top of the work.
  • From the remaining even parts of the bottles we cut out 4 wings (2 large and 2 smaller). Pairing glued together and glued on both sides to the body of an owl.
  • From two smoothly cut bottoms we glue the head together. It is better for the head to take bottles of light shades. It turns out a three-dimensional detail, which now has to be formalized: glue a beak, eyes, a crest.
  • A bird’s beak can be made from the protruding part of the bottom of a dark bottle. Using a glue gun, glue the cut piece in the middle of the head.
  • For the eyes, bottoms of white bottles from yoghurt or milk will do. Vreveschte of them the same detail, reminiscent of the sun and in the middle of each of them glue the eyes.
  • Truffles can be cut from even parts of brown bottles and cut the edges.
    Glue all the heads.
  • In order to fully assemble an owl, we make two through holes in the head with a red-hot awl and pass through the wire. From above we wind the edges of the
  • wire and squeeze the excess part with pliers. If you plan to hang the owl as an ornament in the future, then you can make a loop from the ends of the wire.
  • When working on paws, birds from small half-liter bottles cut out the lower part and fix them with screws or a glue gun on a plastic plate.
  • Now it remains to connect the paws and body of the owl – and the wise guard of the garden is ready!
    Now, if desired, you can cover the craft with silver or bronze paint from the can. This will give the work a more natural look.

As it was mentioned earlier, the owl personifies wisdom, spiritual strength and intellect. Make such an unusual decoration for your garden plot and thereby attract to your home prosperity and family well-being. A wise owl is sure to help you

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