The tradition to celebrate April 1 as a day of laughter exists in many countries. During this holiday it is customary to play friends, family members, co-workers and acquaintances. In countries such as New Zealand, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia and South Africa, rallies are arranged only until noon.

We offer you 10 jokes, kind and cheerful, which will please both you and the children!

Juice unpolled

Classic – instead of mors – jelly with a straw. It takes a few hours for the jelly to freeze, so it’s worth it to prepare it in advance. Children do not drink juice? Milk and tea can also become jelly.

Are you soft-boiled or hard-boiled?

Eggs should be thoroughly washed with a dishwashing liquid. Beat the “cap”, fill the egg with a mixture for the cupcakes (you can peep the recipe here: )
Bake in the microwave 1-2 minutes, or in the oven at 180 degrees 15-20 minutes. Serve downwards.

Coke? Or a cutlet?

Cutlet with tender mashed potatoes? Why not. It’s simple: cutlets are baked in cupcake molds in the oven, from above we decorate with mashed puree.

What time is it now?

Translate all the clocks in the house an hour ahead. Do the same with the alarm clock. A whole “extra” hour in the morning – there is a chance that you will even like it.

Donut seeds

Donuts, they grow on special donut bush. Yes, yes, there are special gardens in which donuts are grown – ponchinariums, every spring thousands of plants bloom and bear fruit in them. Vanilla, chocolate, with banana filling or strawberry jam – their variety is great.

Give a package of seeds of donuts to someone who will easily believe in this story … even for a short while.

“Eyelid” products

Many in the morning first of all put their nose in the refrigerator. What will be waiting for you in the morning of April 1 of your household – it’s up to you. For example, they may be surprised and curious to look at milk, butter, eggs, cheese and other “dwellers”.

“Hello, Serega!”

“Wait, wink and shout:” Hello, Seryozha! “He does not know about the sticker!” In our opinion – a very positive joke. Imagine only for a moment the surprise of the driver-Sergei. Such sudden popularity on the road … hmm … what could be the reason?

Muesli’s frozen muesli

, flakes, crispy balls and any other classic breakfast turns into an “April Fool’s” if it is frozen. And it seems to us that not only a child can become a “victim” of this harmless joke.


Children, they are so gullible. And maybe not only children. Take a photo-proof that you have a super ability. The principle is simple: spray or pour water into a small puddle. Step back and take a photo on the phone. Happened? Now it remains to correct it with a pair of built-in filters and you can go to surprise.

Not in your … bed.

If you have several children – change them in places in beds while they are sleeping. If one …. well, you can, say, transfer it to your bed, and take your place on the children’s mattress. It can even turn out romantic.

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