The Feast of the Nativity of Christ has a unique atmosphere for which everyone loves it so much. And associated with it scenery and customs help with ease to survive the cold season. In addition, this is an excellent opportunity to spend time creatively with your loved ones.

In recent years, Christmas decorations have undergone a lot of metamorphosis. We leave from excessively vulgar, sparkling jewelry. Luxurious American-style decorations, such as a plastic Santa Claus with lights and a reindeer, are now dusting in the cellars. In return, we turn to natural landscapes inspired by the Scandinavian style. More often in our homes there are ornaments from branches of coniferous trees, cones. Of course, there are many more glass balls and lights, but still, we are looking for more creative ways to decorate our house for Christmas. Looking for ideas for decorating a house for Christmas? offers you 12 great house decorating ideas. All of the jewelry presented here can be made by yourself. Not difficult, and not expensive. This will help bring a festive atmosphere into the house.

1: Advent calendar

Ideas advent calendars very much. Such a calendar captivates with its simplicity, naturalness and originality. The pendant on the wall will look very impressive.

2: The Stars of Paper

This is quite simple and, importantly, an economical version of the decoration. They can decorate the window, hang on the door, on the wall or on the Christmas tree.

3: Wreath of cones

A wreath at the door can be made from various materials and in various ways. But a wreath of cones, it is both simple and original enough. Just collect the cones and paint them to your taste. Look also: 12 handicrafts from cones by own hands

4: Decoration from fir branches and candles

On a simple wooden dish, lay spruce branches, and on them paper stars. In the middle, install a candle to create a spectacular decor of the festive table.

5: Village garland Garland

is a universal decoration for all occasions. It just needs to be done for a specific holiday. This was made from simple materials – twine and jute.

6: Wall mount

An exceptionally charming Christmas decoration for self-production. Everything looks rustic and unpretentious.

7: Christmas candlestick

In the bottle just insert a twig of mistletoe. And decorate the neck of the bottle, for example, with a strap, or a string to turn it into a Christmas candlestick.

8: The Illusive Wreath

To do it, enough green leaves of felt and red felt balls. From felt need to cut out leaves and paste them on a wire or a wooden circle. Such a simple decoration, and such an effect!

9: Green garlands

Green coniferous twigs bring a natural flavor into the house. It is best to decorate the ladder railings with such a garland.

10: A Little Christmas Tree

This ornament looks stylish and extremely original. This is a variation of the traditional Christmas tree. You can make it yourself. Just take three slats and glue a triangle out of them. In the middle, attach a small hook, on which hang multi-colored balls.

11: Natural Christmas Tree

Another variation on the theme of “Christmas tree”. These were made from sticks strung on the bar.

12: The tongue on the door

Such a tongue can decorate the doors at any time of the year. To perform it, you need big bumps, ribbons and stickers to attach the cones to the ribbons.

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