Probably everyone was in such a situation, when very quickly it was necessary to put things in order in the refrigerator, or to order things in the closet. Thanks to today’s collection of ideas, you can easily cope with household chores, which previously occupied you a lot of time. See 12 ingenious tricks for the house, which will greatly facilitate your life and make it much more convenient!

1: A quick way to cool the bottle

If the guests are already on the doorstep, and you forgot to put a bottle of wine in the refrigerator in advance, do not despair. To do this, just wrap it with wet napkins and place in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

2: T-shirt hanger

Whatever all your t-shirts fit on one hanger, use the blind rings in the bathroom. Thanks to this ingenious cunning for the house, you will free the shelf in the closet, and will not lose any of your t-shirts.

3: Reasonable storage of food

Binders are an excellent trick to attach cellophane bags with food to grills in the refrigerator. This way you will avoid confusion in the refrigerator and save space in it.

4: Spaghetti instead of matches

Did you know that ordinary spaghetti burns no worse than matches, and besides, much longer? No? Then use this little trick when firing a fire, a candle or an oven.

5: The trick of safe nailing

Tired of injuring fingers clogging nails? Then fasten it between the teeth of a simple plastic comb and boldly clog it into the wall.

6: Creative hangers from chairs

Exposed folding stools can be used as hangers for storing things. Just attach them to the wall, and you can safely use.

7: The trick to store an artificial Christmas tree

This trick is designed for very lazy people. If after the New Year holidays you are too lazy to disassemble the tree, wrap it with a film and take it to the garage, or, if there is no garage, put it on the balcony. Than this life is still good, so the fact that next year, you also will not need to dress up it, it will be enough to unwind it and that’s all.

8: The way to find the lost thing

The earring fell under the couch, coins, gadgets? No problems! Now you can easily find them. To do this, carefully put the dimensionless pantyhose on the vacuum cleaner tube and easily get what is lost.

9: Autonomous irrigation

Whatever the ground in the pots with flowers has always been moist, place glass bottles with water the way you see in the photo. Now, being away, you can not worry about your flowers.

10: A secure key cache

To safely hide the key, you need to glue a small stone to the lid of any bottle of medicines. Now you can put a key in it, and hide it in a heap of stones.

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