If you have a small apartment or a country house, and a catastrophically small place, in order to put a Christmas tree, do not despair, because your house can also look festive and elegant. We have selected for you 12 ideas how to decorate a small apartment for the New Year. They will help you to give beauty to all the secluded corners in your room and create a real New Year’s holiday.

1. Christmas greetings as decorations

To make such Christmas greetings, take New Year’s balls of medium size and apply various wishes and congratulations to them with a brush, and place them in terracotta pots. The pots themselves can be decorated with a spray-spray.

2. The frame, like the decor of the window

An excellent idea for a small apartment is the decoration of the window. Take an ordinary frame, paint it, and hang it on the tape. Then pull inside the ribbon with Christmas balls.

3. Decorating a picture on the wall

Instead of a frame on the window, you can decorate the picture on the wall with conifer branches.

4. Decoration of a table with a Christmas tree

On the table under the tree you can put a beautiful vase, glass balls or a New Year’s garland. Also as an ornament, small gifts and candies are suitable.

5. Decor of kitchen windows Kitchen windows

can be decorated with colorful homemade snowflakes and complete the image of coniferous branches.

6. Decoration of walls Empty walls

in a small apartment can be decorated with wreaths from a vine or some colorful things, for example artificial birds, dry berries on a wreath, New Year’s rain and so on.

7. Decorating an artificial Christmas tree on the wall

This idea is suitable for those who really do not have space for an artificial or live Christmas tree. Thus, you can make your artificial Christmas tree from a wide coniferous branch, decorate and hang it on the wall.

8. Decorating the corners of a small apartment

Secluded corners can also be decorated with small artificial Christmas trees, garlands, bright decorations.

9. Apartment decoration with small wreaths

Usually, large wreaths are used for decorating a room, but small ones also look spectacular. They can be hung on shelves, cupboards, lockers and so on.

10. Stool decoration

The chair can also be used as an apartment decor. It can be decorated with garlands, gift boxes and New Year’s rain.

11. Decor with mini ornaments

Brilliant Christmas balls are ideal for decorating small spaces.

12. Contrasting colors in decorating a small apartment

As an option, you can decorate your apartment with contrasting colors, for example, red and white. A bright color on a white background looks very original.

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