Most of us have standard, unremarkable faucets in the bathroom. But time is fleeting, and everything changes. Changes have touched and usual, it would seem, things – a mixer. Therefore, it’s time to think about replacing traditional sanitary ware with a more modern and creative one. Well, which model to choose, these 12 unusual mixers will help you, which will decorate any bathroom.

1: Textured mixer

According to American standards Unusual black mixer, which is printed on a 3D printer, will be unusual, and at the same time, functional decoration of the bathroom.

2: Crane in the style of Eco

Nature lovers will appreciate this wonderful version of the mixer, which is made in the form of a bowl with living plants and falling water.

3: Mixer with multi-colored glass

The unusual shape of this blue glass faucet will decorate any bathroom.

4: Double feed

The design is designed in such a way that the flow of cold and hot water is combined in one jet. Quite unusual solution.

5: Crane in the form of roller coaster

Another mixer, which consists of two parts of a semicircular shape for water and control of the lever.

6: Water pattern

A trendy mixer, the uniqueness of which consists of the original water supply. The jet is divided into many thin streams, forming a beautiful pattern.

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