“If you really want to, you can fly to space!”, Is sung in one children’s song. And if you try a little, you can arrange a flight without leaving the house. Fool around with the whole family – launch a toy rocket from a balloon!

Material Required For Making Balloon Missile

  • Balloon
  • Thread
  • Cocktail tube
  • Marker
  • Adhesive tape, electrical tape

If you pull the thread vertically, then the experience will be even more spectacular!


Procedure of Making Balloon Missile

  • Pass a long thread through the tube and pull it between two objects (for example, between chairs).
  • Inflate the ball and draw on it the silhouette of the rocket.
  • Attach the ball with tape or tape to the straw.

  • Release the tip of the ball and watch the flight from one end of the thread to the other;)

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