How to make unusual bouquet for kindergarten

Good day to all! ….as our favorite teacher a great connoisseur of art, and the pleasure of presenting this experience for yourself, because the labor invested quite a few … Well, in general we got here is a miracle. Excited and teachers and kids), each searching for himself, happy, in short flocked like magpies))))) if you are interested in opisanie- ask! I am pleased to share!

bouquet for kindergarten (1)

This is the very beginning of the work. Capsule of ordinary plywood furniture. Size 25 10cm.

bouquet for kindergarten (4)

Wooden spatulas. There are those that are designed for hair removal and spatulas for medical examination of the throat. Both are commercially available.

bouquet for kindergarten (3)

I use the hot glue gun. Sticking like someone like that. I prefer intervals. a sort of imitation of the fence) here and the floral flower brick and trial. Moreover UPDATE: Wooden spatulas oval, so they cut off with scissors to the desired length. Already in the finished box with a brick on top of spread sisal. Sisal and floral bricks bought at a flower shop.

bouquet for kindergarten (2)

Well, then cut it out and sticking flowers on wooden shpashki, painted in the color of your choice.

bouquet for kindergarten (1)


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