Are you a fan of green living? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we want to show you that plastic spoons are more than utensils – they can be part of a unique decorative object after use! To make a mirror, for example, you have to collect a bunch of plastic spoons and to cut a cardboard box so it lays flat on the ground or table. After that, decide the diameter for the mirror using a ruler. Ensure all spoons are clean and cut the ends off of your plastic spoons. Begin gluing your spoons onto your cardboard. but practice spacing them out in alternating patterns first. For your final inner row of spoons, cut the ends to form a nice oval shape because you will see the bottoms. You’ll find a lot of examples in the images below! You don’t need a mirror in the living room? Well, white plastic cutlery, especially the knives, can be written on with permanent marker and used as plant labels in the garden. I also like to use spoons and forks for preparing and transplanting my seedlings. Spoons can be used like tiny trowels and forks can be used to dig up seedlings without damaging the roots.

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Ideas to reuse old Newspaper and Magazines [Video tutorial]

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