Do you wear everyday tails and loose hair every day, and go to hairdressing salons and styling? Why not learn to cope with your hair yourself? Moreover, now you do not even need to leave your house for this!

What a lucky thing that Youtube has appeared in the modern world! Now, to learn how to cook, do manicure, make-up, play sports and much more, do not need to spend money and sign up for special courses. Bloggers around the world make quality and understandable videos on any topic and absolutely free. The presence of the Internet and several free hours will turn your leisure into a useful and productive occupation, for example, in hair style lessons and hair styling. Even the knowledge of English at the minimum level will not become a hindrance, most videos are clear and without language. Today we will share with you the best Youtube-channels for working with hair!

Youtube Channels To Learn Hairstyles



This girl is actually called Nee, and one of the most popular hair bloggers on Youtube. Now on its channel about 1.8 million subscribers. Neither is often mistaken for Japanese, although in fact she was born and lives in Vancouver, Canada. Now, Nee expanded her field of activity and began to upload a video about the style and make-up, but still the main feature of the Bebexo channel are hairstyles. In her playlist you can find hairstyles for absolutely any event, both for long and short hair. In addition to the video channel, she maintains her blog and accounts in other social networks. Also do not forget to use the lunar calendar of haircuts and hairstyles before you start experimenting.

Cute Girls Hairstyles


Probably every girl who has ever been interested in video lessons knows about this channel. His mother was the five children of Mindy McKnight after the hairstyles of her daughters became the main subjects of discussion in school. Now Cute Girls Hairstyles is a popular brand that brings good money to the McKnight family. On Youtube channel Mindy already has more than 5.5 million subscribers. The good news is that even with the advent of popularity, the essence of the channel has not changed. These are all the same high-quality, understandable video lessons for a variety of hairstyles for all ages.

Luxy Hair


Channel Luxy Hair brought two sisters Mimi and Leila as support for their project to sell strands of artificial hair. Girls come from Azerbaijan, but moved to Canada when they were teenagers. Now the channel is only Mimi (she moved to London, and Leila remained in Canada), and it is signed by more than 3 million people. Luxy Hair videos differ not only in the quality of their hairstyles, but also in their amazing installation. Mimi says that for her the most important thing is that her work is very beautiful and inspires subscribers. In addition, Mimi and her husband Alex regularly travels around Europe and spread interesting tidbits about different cities. And also this amazing girl studied at the stylist and leads a popular blog about her style.

Kayley Melissa


Kaylee is a hairdresser from Los Angeles. Her Youtube channel LetsMakeitUp1 began as a hobby, the girl laid out not very high-quality video of simple hairstyles. But the growing number of subscribers inspired her to do it more seriously. Now about 1 million people have subscribed to its channel, Kaylee has learned to master hairdressers and has made it her main occupation. For today it is one of the best channels on work with hair. In addition to the detailed video lessons, Keily gives advice on hair care and shares amazing video tutorials.

Hope this article on Youtube Channels To Learn Hairstyles will be useful for you.  If you find any other channel useful to learn about hairstyles, please share in comment box.

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