Long ago I wanted to make this idea so beautiful. Special to decorate any space of the house and even the room of the smallest. A rainbow of origami stars that will look gorgeous forever. This idea is so versatile that you can even prepare it in the range of colors that identify special parties like Christmas or a baby shower. And without forgetting that it is a great idea to do with the little ones and to get started in the art of origami. Are we going to prepare this colorful mobile?

Material & Tools Required

  • Colored paper ribbons
  • Plastic or wood hoop
  • Cotton thread
  • Needle
  • Wooden ring

The colors of the paper are of choice. I have opted for a combination similar to that of the rainbow with some extra color. Paper ribbons for the stars can cut you or buy them yourself. Many craft stores are available. But if you choose to cut them yourself, it will suffice to have colored leaves and color the strips of 1.5 cm x 21 cm long (approximately)

Importantly, to be able to make this idea, the first thing we have to prepare are the stars. You will find the complete tutorial with step-by-step pictures and a video by clicking here. Depending on the size of the ring they have is the number of strips (and stars) that we are going to prepare. We fold all the stars and prepare the pattern of colors that we want them to follow. Then, with thread and needle, we begin to pass all the stars, making small knots before placing a star and leaving the desired separation between them. Another idea: they can also add to the knot a small colored or transparent bead.

We prepared all the strips (which in my case were 8 strips of 8 stars each). And we began to tie them to the ring leaving a good surplus of thread to be able to tie all together to the ring to hang. First place all the ribbons, then knot them and add the ring to hang. It’s very simple.

A beautiful mobile ready to decorate the kid’s room or our craft work corner.