I’ll show you how to make a very simple flower of thread and wire . This technique is called Gnutella.


Materials: Threads, floss Wire, Shpachka or borehole, Scissors, Gypsum, Old wooden clothespins, plastic Jar, Teip Feed ,Beads large yellow or white


Take shpachku or needle and pulls her wire.


Cut off and stretch our little spring.


For one, you need flower springs 5. 3. Cut the wire twice as long as the spring is passed through it and twist the ends of the wire. We should be like a petal.


To fasten the base of the petals thread and pulls it to the top. I winded tight and petal with a little shrunk.


Then the thread goes down and we have goes something like veins. Knotted thread below.



We attach the desired lobe shape and make each flower petals 5. 5. Do seredinochku for flower: cut the wire, bead stringing, retreating from the tip of the wire and twist the wire, and then step back a little further, stringing a bead, twist the wire and so on. 3-5 strung beads twist the two wires together tail.


Collect 5 petals and midway along, attach each petal shape and twist the wire winding teip-tape.


Flowers, I decided to make a different size and color that would have been a little more cheerful bunch. I came 7 flowers. 7. Do the leaves on the same principle as the petals of flowers, only make them sharper.


Take the plastic container, the container side coat with glue, glue clothespins, the split into two halves. In places, notches stretch twine or thread.


Fill the tank plaster and paste flowers and leaves. We look forward to pour plaster and our hack from the wire and thread ready!


Hope you like this flower tutorial.