I want to show and tell you how to create a bouquet of flowers made of feeling.

That’s what we should have as a result of:


This bunch of 3 types of flowers: chrysanthemums, roses, and hydrangea.

For we need the following materials and tools:

  1. Felt right colors for flowers and greenery.
  2. Floral wire.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Glue gun.
  5. Paper flowers or dried flowers for added decoration.


6. Artificial leaves are 2 types (but you can do without them).


7. Jar 10 cm in diameter.

8. Paper and twine or ribbon to decorate it.

9. stamens.

10. Floral Tape = tey planta.

11. Foam Ball 5-6 cm in diameter.

12. Foam.

13. Disappearing marker for tissue or chalk pencil.

14. And, certainly, good mood ?

Well, let’s start!

To start print or draw patterns on paper (A4 format):


Now we cut them and proceed to the manufacture of colors.

I started with chrysanthemums.

Cut a sheet of felt we desired color (in my Yellow) A4 into three parts, using a ruler and marker Disappearing:


I was able to see rectangles 7h30.


Bend them in half along the long side of the sizing and adhesive gun from the edge (opposite from the folding seats). Now, take a pair of scissors and an incision our rectangle by folding space. The cuts should be as close as possible to each other. Like this:


Then take floristic Bends wire and the tip, glue it to the edge of the flower:


Now we turn to the aid of our glue gun zagotovochku in flower:


Next glue gun glue sepal (a circle with a diameter of about 4 cm) and the leaves (if not artificial, it is possible to cut the leaves from the green felt):


And winding stems floristic he Koy tape. This action once again we will fix the leaves on the stem, and Let’s give them the desired position. Our chrysanthemum ready:


Chrysanthemum I did 3 things.

Now we proceed to the production of roses.

We translate the pattern of roses on the right, we felt the color, cut out.



Further, our actions are similar to those that we have made with chrysanthemum: take Provo chk U, bend the tip of the glue gun and glue to the middle, the very pattern. Now we start to roll rosette bud. Forming her hands and anchoring adhesive gun:


Bud ready.


Now you need to refine it.

Cut the dark green felt sepals. And paste it along with artificial leaves by the same glue gun ? Artificial leaves can be replaced by feeling, by cutting them out of the dark green felt on a template.


Take the floristic tape and wrapped around the stem of a flower.

Our rosette ready.


Roses, I also did 3 things, but the composition can be any color, but like their color or size (it all depends on the size of the jar and your imagination).

Therefore, it was possible to simply restrict chrysanthemums or roses ? But I did not stop and decided to do more and hydrangea!

To translate this pattern of hydrangea petals on the felt (I used 2 shades of purple color) with the Disappearing marker. Cut it (best nail scissors, so it was accurate).


Repeat this 50 times! ? But I’m not a patient man and decided to simplify your life. I took a large pair of scissors and felt accordion folded, cut from 3 Circuits.


Then nail scissors make an incision in the center of each little flower and paste into the formed hole 1 stamens. There already have to do it all 50 times!


Take the glue gun, drop a small droplet to the center of the flower petals and raise all 4 petals to the center, to the stamens. Cut off excess tail stamens. Then drop another drop of glue, but on the other side and glue it to the Styrofoam ball minitsvetochek.

And just postaupaem with all the other petals.



Enough to cover such petals slightly more than half of the ball.

Next, cut out a circle of green felt, the appropriate diameter (circle I was 9 cm) and makes an incision from the edge to the center:


Glue it to the flower on the back side of previously planted hydrangea on a wire. Winding stem and ribbon ready:


Hortense, I did one little thing! All! With flowers finished. The hardest part behind! Now comes the fun part.

We need some kind of jar, which will serve as a vase for our compositions, paper, and ribbons for her jewelry. I went in the course of a jar of candy:


Decorate the jar to your taste. I ob mat ala jar paper, tied with string and glue 3 paper roses.

Next, cut out a circle of thick foam (diameter = circle diameter cans) and put it inside:


Our vase is ready!

And now comes the most interesting and enjoyable time! ?

Turning our imagination and fill the vase Felt flowers, add more greens, if necessary, paper flowers, dried flowers, all that you see fit, and form a bunch.

Unfortunately, at this stage, there are almost no photos, because this process is so much captivated me that I completely forgot about the camera! ? But, I think that there should be all clear!


That’s it!

As a result, we have a charming floral arrangement should turn that never will fade and a long time will delight the owner!

We admire the result!


Thank you very much for your attention! I really hope that you are not very tired!